Delis' tajnami s tem, u kogo net druzej, druzhi s tem, u kogo mnogo druzej. Izbegaj togo, kto bezzaboten, bud' s tem, kto opechalen. - Abaj
Poisk na servere "Druz'ya i Partnery"

Inache rasstavlennye slova obretayut drugoj smysl, inache rasstavlennye mysli proizvodyat drugoe vpechatlenie. - Blez Paskal'

Nizheperechislennoe pomozhet Vam najti nuzhnuyu informatsiyu na servere Druz'ya i Partnery i na drugih informatsionnyh istochnikah Interneta. Dlya etogo Vy mozhete pol'zovat'sya predlagaemymi okoshkami ili gipertekstovymi ukazatelyami.

Friends and Partners Email Listserver Over 3 years of email postings
Friends and Partners NIS Catalog a database of Internet accessible NIS-related resources
OMRI/ Radio Free Liberty News Five+ year archive of Daily News Updates on Russia / NIS / Central/East Europe
Alliance of Universities for Democracy Higher education networking within Central/Eastern Europe. Includes annual conference papers/presentations.
Andrey Sebrant's Moscow Life Monthly series about life in Moscow
Azerbaijan Home Page David Couchman's resources on Azerbaijan
Belarus Miscellany Peter Kasaty's resources about Belarus
Center for Civil Society International CCSI's extensive collection of NIS-related materials
Friends and Partners in Space Jennifer Green's joint US-Russian space exploration server
Funding Opportunities US/NIS/European funding/exchange opportunities
FP Legal Ilya Nikiforov and Mark Sanor's server about legal issues in Russia.
Healthy Partners From AIHA, information on health and technical assistance in the NIS and C/E Europe
ISF LTRG Database Search 3,400+ grants made by the International Science Foundation under their Long Term Research Grants Database
Russian Life English language catalog and magazine pertaining to russian issues
Siberia Sergei Parinov's extensive resources about Siberia
St. Petersburg Press Newspaper Two year archive of the electronic weekly SP Press

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Our Towns



Skip Evans needs your help! Our Towns, has been developed for F&P by Skip who maintains the "Atlanta Life" section. His goal is to develop a personable, on-line resource about various towns and cities of the former USSR. In order to make this goal a reality, we encourage all interested people to submit personal stories, photographs, and commentaries relating to any of these towns or cities to Skip. He will gladly offer assistance if necessary!