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Russian Public Access Sites and Programs

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Public access sites that provide local, national and international information via the Internet are slowly becoming available in Russia. Below are information resources about existing and proposed programs to supply these centers for the public. If you are aware of any additional resources about this subject in Russia, please let us know.

Friends and Partners CivNET Program *

Friends and Partners has received a grant from the Ford Foundation to develop Civic Networks in the three Russian communities of Chelyabinsk, Sergeiv Posad, and Samara. Please take the time to read more about this grassroots project that represents a close partnership between community networking activists in Russia and the U.S.

  • Civil Network of Kazan *

    This network has been bringing together a variety of noncommercial organizations of this city since 1994 to provide regional information exchange. Subscribers are made up from colleges and universities, scientific-research institutes, medical facilities, schools and other educational facilities, government facilities and various public organizations. They are given free access to the Internet with WWW capabilites and email. "The basic purpose of development of a Civil Network - granting huge information resources of the Internet for a greater number of noncommercial organizations, the activity of which serves to interests of a science, formation(training), culture, public health services, state management and other humane purposes."

  • The University Internet Center (UIC) *

    This program, funded by Open Socieity Institute (OSI), is designed to "(a) provide 32 provincial universities in the Russian Federation with a fully equipped computing center and multi-media lab with complete access to the Internet (b) to administer content based program initiatives for the university and non-university communities". This highly informative site provides detailed information on this beneficial program, a list and map of the universities that are participating, press releases and last but not least, "Russia from Coast to Coast" which is the newsletter of the UIC.

  • Virtual World Internet Cafe *

    Open from 10 am to 9 pm, 7 days a week, this cafe provides free public Internet access at approximately hour long intervals on 10 computers to any Moscow resident. A May 7, 1997 New York Times article describes this cafe and those who are using it.

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