... надежный и преданный друг составляет величайшее приобретение. - Ксенофонт

Единственный путь обнаружить пределы возможного - уйти за эти пределы, в невозможное. - Артур Чарлз Кларк

При интеграции России в информационную среду в конце концов возникает проблема запаздывания развития современных сетей и подсоединения их к международным сетевым ресурсам. Работа над этой проблемой началась и идет успешно. Дан старт некоторым большим проектам. Они направлены на достижение этой же цели - обеспечить доступа к информационным источникам всем научным и образовательным заведениям, коммерческим организациям.

  • FAQ: E-mail and Internet in the NIS and Baltics *

    This booklet, which is available online from IREX, contains answers to the questions about Internet in Russia and other former soviet republics most frequently asked by scholars traveling to Eurasia, specialists from the region, and others seeking to help NIS and Baltic colleagues join computer networks.

  • Russian Institute for Public Networks (RIPN) *

    This Institute was founded in 1992 to (1) develop computer communications in the interests of Research & Education (R&E), (2) coordinate IP networking in Russia, (3) promote research studies in the field of computer communications, (4) support R&E organizations in getting access to the Internet information resources via public networks. The RIPN DATABASE provides a searchable means to obtain information about domain names having senior part " .ru " (Russia) and contact persons of these domains.

  • REENIC: Well Known Internet Servers in Russia *

    List of the Internet servers in Russia and other former Soviet Union counties collected in Russian and East European Network Information Center at the University of Texas at Austin.

  • RAS: Welcome to the Sensitive Map of Russia! *

    The sensitive map and of Russian WWW servers on Russian Academy of Science server.

  • RAS: List of Russian WWW-servers *

    The list of Russian WWW servers on the Russian Academy of Science server.

  • REESWeb : The List of WWW Servers *

    The list of WWW servers in the Former Soviet Union by REESWeb sponsored by the Center for Russian and East European Studies of the University of Pittsburgh.

  • EUnet/Relcom Backbone *

    Although this page is in Russian only, you only need to click on a link to view diagrams of the Russian backbone. The English page does not appear to have as many diagrams.

  • The List of Russian Web Servers *

    The List of Russian Web servers provides searching service by URL, name or description of the server. It is available in both English and Russian.

  • WWW Servers in the Former Soviet Union *

    The List of WWW servers in the Former Soviet Union by Russian WebMaster Association.

  • Несколько неправительственных организаций способствуют развитию информационной инфраструктуры в России и бывших советских республиках.

  • The Sacred Earth Network *

    This site really addresses two things - the development of communications and networking possibilities for fSU environmental NGO's and also, deep ecology and the spiritual aspect of the environmental movement. Programs and projects include the Environmental Telecommunications Project, Eurasian Snow Leopard Project (ESLP), the Eurasian Environmental E-mail Directory and newsletters.

  • Following entries contain some statistics about the development of Internet in Russia.

  • Internet in Russia *

    Statisitcs of Internet and computer uses in Russia, including some regional statistics

  • Russian Non-Profit Center for Internet Technologies (ROCIT) *

    Annual report (1998) about Internet development in Russia, compiled by ROCIT, contains information about number of hosts, Internet access in Russia, number of users and users' demography.

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