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Academic/Research Networks

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A listing and description of Academic/Research Networks that have been built in Russia.

  • FreeNet *

    The Network For Research, Education and Engineering is a nonprofit organization and service provider that assists and fulfills the networking needs of the research institutes of Russian Academy of Sciences, universities, colleges, and other research and academic institutions of Russia. The FREEnet provides, among other benefits, full IP connectivity (inside and outside the country), DNS services, mail relaying and IP Registry service and assorted information services. There are more than a dozen regional branches that operate independently but are cooperating as peers in accordance with FREEnet Charter principles. This site is in Russian and English.

  • RUNNet *

    This network that aims at creating common information space of Russian science and education and its integration into the world information community. RUNNet creation was launched by Ministry of Education (former State Committee for Higher Education) of Russian Federation in accordance with the State Program "Universities of Russia". The network backbone provides connectivity for main economical regions of Russia. Federal Nodes are RUNNet points of presence in the regions. They connect regional networks of science and education, universities, research institutions and academic organizations. St. Petersburg Technical University is an organizing member of RUNNet which is connecting Russian Universities by satellite links. Initial connection cities include Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Petrozavodsk, Saratov, Ulianovsk.

  • Federal Nodes *

    A diagram and explanation of Federal Nodes which are RUNNet points of presence in the regions. They connect regional networks of science and education, universities, research institutions and academic organisations.

  • The University Internet Center (UIC) *

    This program, funded by Open Socieity Institute (OSI), is designed to "(a) provide 32 provincial universities in the Russian Federation with a fully equipped computing center and multi-media lab with complete access to the Internet (b) to administer content based program initiatives for the university and non-university communities". This highly informative site provides detailed information on this beneficial program, a list and map of the universities that are participating, press releases and last but not least, "Russia from Coast to Coast" which is the newsletter of the UIC.

  • The University Knowledge Networks Corp *

    Corporation "Universities networks of knowledge" is non-profit association established in 1992 by leading Russian universities with the aim of development of universities' telecommunications and their information resources. Nowadays more than 170 universities and institution of Academy of Science are members of the UNICOR Corporation. UNICOR is based upon scientific and educational network. Starting from 1993 a project "National academic system of databases and knowledge bases of higher school of Russia" is realizing on the basis of UNICOR and FREEnet. Forty-four (44) universities are participating in this project. From 1994 UNICOR is a member and represents Russian scientific and Educational networks in the international organization: Central and Eastern European Network (CEENet).

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