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References on Russia/NIS

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Below are some of the many sites on the World Wide Web that contain resources about Russia and other countries of the NIS. We have attempted to divide them into two sections with this page containing sites mainly about the Russian Federation. The second section pertains mostly to resource about the other Newly Independent States.

You can also take a look at the subject directories devoted to the particular regions or cities in Russia.

Please let us know of additional resources.

  • AdmiNet-World - Russian Federation *

    This well-indexed service delivers general information about governmental authorities and public services, plus other information about Russia (plus many other countries around the world).

  • Akakii's Russian Page *

    Akakii has put together a page with interesting Russian and Russia-related resources including a page on Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol.

  • Birch Empire: To the East of Freedom *

    This site provides a Russia related message board, plus news and information about Russia.

  • CIA World Factbook Page on Russia *

    Geography, people, government, economy, communications, transportation, military and transnational issues are all covered by this famous factbook. Additional world facts may be obtained from the World Factbook home page.

  • Countries.com Russia *

    Statistical data and links to additional information such as government, culture, travel, and weather are provided.

  • Dazhdbog's Grandsons *

    Established by Serge Naumov at the University of North Carolina. This server is called "Dazhdbog's Grandsons" because, as Sergei tells us, that is what the ancient Russians called themselves. This entire site is well worth the visit but make sure to go to "Exhibitions" and then on to Moscow to view lots of beautiful photographs and other interesting information.

  • Directory of Russian Periodicals Online *

    A directory of Russian periodicals online.

  • Doug and Colleen Hartman's European Links Galore! *

    Douglas and Colleen Hartman have put together this great page that provides thousands of links pertaining to these regions of the world and covering a multitude of subjects!

  • Dr. Nork's Russian Sites *

    An Associate Professor of Russian and German in the Department of Modern Languages at Marist College, Dr. Norkeliunas provides a list of links to various sites pertaining to Russian culture, history, language, and literature in Russia.

  • Excite Travel: Russia *

    References and information about Russia including travel, weather, and language and cultural information.

  • Impressions of Russia and the former Soviet Union *

    Mikhail Soutchanski has developed a page that includes the very informative "All Regions of Russia by Pictures", the indepth "Illustrated History of Russia", and much more information on Russia and other fSU countries.

  • Interactive Russia Online *

    Justin Johnson, a student of Bucknell University, has put together this great page of all types of Russian resources including culture, history, news.

  • Links to Russia and FSU Web Resources *

    Several pages of links concerning Russian and NIS literature resources.

  • Little Russia in San Antonio, TX *

    This very popular, award-winning website from Vladimir Pekkel of the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, Texas offers a wide variety of information on Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union.

  • Mizzou's Russian & Newly Independent States Resource Tool *

    An excellent effort by Scott Burris of the University of Missouri to provide information of interest regarding Russia and the NIS.

  • Necco Directory of Russia Related Sites *

    This comprehensive directory is well organized with many Russia related links.

  • Post-Soviet Study Resources v1.1 *

    Compiled, edited, and with commentary by Ian Kallen of San Francisco State University. This is a hypertext version of his very popular work which is, by far, the best job we have seen to date on describing information resources on the Internet devoted to issues regarding the Former Soviet Union. A full text version (v1.0) of this document is also available.

  • RUNET Golden Ring - Collection of Russia-related Internet Resources *

    There are two collections of Russia-related Internet resources, one is in English, and the other one is in Russian. Both catalogs are searchable.

  • Rhodes College - Russia & Eastern Europe Resources *

    A large listing of resources for Russia and other former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe countries from the International Studies Program at Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee.

  • Russia *

    An student originally from Omsk, at the University of Michigan this year has developed a wonderful page on Russia which contains such subjects as history, information on several cities (including his home of Omsk), art, information about the currency plus many other subjects and links.

  • Russia Net *

    Comprehensive webdesign and hosting site that offers links to sites information about business, travel, politics, culture, history, news, etc.

  • Russia on the Web *

    The Transnational Institute, a network of Russian, American and West European organizations, has been sponsoring East-West exchange programs since 1981. This site has a good selection of resources and information for and about Russia.

  • Russia-On-Line *

    The Russia-On-Line server provides enhanced remote acess and dialup internet connection services. It also provides a huge searchable catalog of subjects including entertainment, business, government, and weather reports. In addition, ROL provides a gallery of hosted pages.

  • Russia/NIS Maps

    This section will contain links to all types of maps pertaining mostly to Russia but also to other countries of the former Soviet Union.

  • Russian Link of the Day *

    This site, provided by Amber Tours,Inc., highlights one Russian link at a time and keeps an archive of all previous links. This wide variety of links will be useful to anybody who has an interest in anything Russia.

  • Russian World *

    This well organized site includes Russian humor, news, information, geographic index, lots of culture, sports, entertainment, software and more.

  • Russian and East European Studies Home Pages (REESweb) *

    A comprehensive guide to the worldwide network-accessible resources available to scholars in the interdisciplinary study of Russia and Eastern Europe. This is a very well constructed and informative WWW server fromthe University of Pittsburgh and definitely worth the visit.

  • Russophilia! The Russian Page in Adelaide, South Australia *

    This site contains many, many resources about Russia, some familiar and some not, but all interesting. Rita Bogna has developed a wonderful site with a well organized index.

  • SMU FLLC Russia and Eastern Europe Page *

    This page is from Southern Methodist University, Foreign Languages Learning Center in Dallas, Texas and is full of Russia related sites. SMU's Foreign Language and Education Technology Page is also well worth the visit.

  • Simon Hawkin's Russian Page *

    Simon's site offers great information including resources on the Russian language and alphabet, lots of home pages, literature (incuding amateur), music, travel and much more.

  • Sofya Pogreb *

    This great page contains a lot of useful links dealing with Russian/Soviet Culture (Russian city guides, pictures, maps, Russian Yellow Pages; brief history of Russian Rock; Brodsky's Poetry, etc).

  • SovInformBureau *

    This source of information and news related to Russia, Soviet and Cyrillic issues is made available by Vadim Maslov. Included is humor, travel, art, culture, politics plus more. If you have trouble connecting, try the US West Coast mirror.

  • The List of Russian Web Servers *

    The List of Russian Web servers provides searching service by URL, name or description of the server. It is available in both English and Russian.

  • The Russian and East European Network Information Center (REENIC) *

    The extremely organized site provides information on the countries that comprise the FSU and Eastern Europe, broken down into country and subject. This site was developed by The Center for Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies CPSEES) at the the University of Texas, Austin.

  • Travellers Yellow Pages *

    Loads of information and resources for those in or planning to visit the Moscow/St. Petersburg regions. Phone and fax numbers, addresses, local maps and plans and travelling tips are what make this site invaluable!

  • UC Davis Russian Resources *

    This page contains lots of Russia-related resources for language, culture, art, maps, study programs and more.

  • Visiting Russia *

    A wide variety of resources and information is provided for those wanting to learn about or visit Russia. Interesting sections include Visiting Russia Through The Movies, Through Music, and Through Games.

  • World Area Studies Internet Resources - Russia *

    A resource list for Russia is maintained by the Department of Social Sciences at Western Connecticut State, University, USA.

  • Yellow Pages of Russia and Ukraine *

    Offers eight editions of Soviet independent producers of goods and services plus several more information resources concerning importers, exporters, and subsidiaries.

  • City Directories
  • InterSib *

    Searchable subject catalog of Siberia Internet resources.

  • Internet - Simbirsk *

    Subject catalog of Simbirsk web resources.

  • Nizhnii Novgorod Internet Reference Guide *

    Deirdre Shelly maintains a page concerning Nizhny Novgorod.


    Collection of local resources organized by subject categories

  • Subject catalog of Siberia Internet Resources *

    This searchable catalog covers Siberia regional Internet resources.

  • Volgograd Online *

    History (with a timeline), great photos, plus lots of local information organized by subject about the city and region are available.

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