Nash zhiznennyj put' useyan oblomkami togo, chem my nachinali byt' i chem my mogli by sdelat'sya. - A. Bergson

Vnimaj poleznoj rechi, pust' ona ishodit ot rebenka; ne slushaj durnyh rechej, pust' oni ishodyat ot startsa. - Vostochnaya mudrost'

Nizhe perechisleny nekotorye poleznye ssylki dlya izucheniya WWW.

  • Rossijsko-amerikanskij informatsionnyj press-tsentr

    Posredstvom unikal'nyh programm komp'yuternyh informatsionnyh uslug, s pomosch'yu regional'nyh otdelenij po vsej Rossii,, s pomosch'yu biblioteki po issledovaniyam, provedeniya brifingov na vazhnye temy, prakticheskih seminarov, Rossijsko-Amerikanskij TSentr Informatsii i Pressy stal odnim iz naibolee vseob'emlyuschih informatsionnyh istochnikov, dostupnyh zhurnalistam byvshego Sovetskogo Soyuza.

  • Dostup v Internet po E-mail

  • Yandex Web *

    This Internet search engine covers the areas of Russian (.ru or .su) domains, other fSU domains other sites that contains any type of Russian text. Choices of Mac, KOI, Win, DOS, ISO and English are available at the bottom of the page.

  • The Bosnia Network *

    The Global Network for Rebuilding is a nonprofit, interfaith network comprised of concerned professionals formed to help plan the rebuilding of devastated communities through the application of urban design techniques.

  • The Mining Co. Guide for Geography *

    This thorough and useful site contains many references to maps, weather and climate information, facts and figures, time zones and much, much more! There is also a community area with a bulletin board, newsletter and geography chat area.

  • CIA Publications *

    The famous CIA Factbook, Maps and Publications, Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments, and the Handbook of International Economic Statistics (as of the previous year) are just of few of the fact filled publications released by the US agency.

  • LibrarySpot *

    Resources for libraries online, a reading room and a reference desk with dictionaries, biographies, maps, acronyms, phone books, quotes and much more are provided by this very useful site.

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    Slavyanka . .



    We are glad that Deanne Merrill and Donn Davy continue to share with us some of their Russian liturgical and folk music on the Slavyanka Men's Slavic Chorus site on F&P. Drop in and listen to their music; learn more about their Chorus (from the San Francisco Bay area) and join their mailing list.