Glavnoe - ladit' s samim soboj. - Vol'ter

Ochen' tyazhelo menyat', nichego ne menyaya, no my budem! - M. ZHvanetskij

  • SMU FLLC Stranitsa o Rossii i Vostochnoj Evrope *

    Stranitsa podderzhivaetsya Kinoj Koslou iz Dallasskogo TSentra Izucheniya Inostrannyh YAzykov. SMU's Stranitsu "Inostrannye yazyki i tehnologiya obrazovaniya" tozhe stoit posetit'.

  • Rossijskij i Vostochno-Evropejskij Komp'yuternyj Informatsionnyj TSentr(REENIC *

    Prekrasno organizovannyj sajt predostavlyaet informatsiyu po stranam, vhodivshih v sostav byvshego SSSR i v sostav Vostochnoj Evropy. Sajt razrabotan i podderzhivaetsya TSentrom Izucheniya Russkih, Vostochnoevropejskih i Evrazijskih Nauk CPSEES) v Tehasskom Universitete, Ostin.

  • Slavyanskoe Obozrenie *

    Eto ezhekvartal'noe obozrenie, soderzhaschee informatsiyu o Rossii, Evrazii, Vostochnoj Evrope, yavlyaetsya pechatnym organom Amerikanskoj Assotsiatsii Rasprostaneniya Slavyanskih Nauk.

  • Fakul'tet russkogo yazyka v Edinburgskom Universitete *

    V Edinburgskom Universitete, raspolozhennom v SHotlandii, suschestvuet ochen' horoshij server, soderzhaschij perechen' istochnikov informatsii, imeyuschih otnoshenie k Rossii. Etot server soderzhit takzhe informatsiyu po obshirnomu kursu zanyatij po biznesu.

  • Russian and East European Studies Home Pages (REESweb) *

    A comprehensive guide to the worldwide network-accessible resources available to scholars in the interdisciplinary study of Russia and Eastern Europe. This is a very well constructed and informative WWW server fromthe University of Pittsburgh and definitely worth the visit.

  • University of North Carolina at Greensboro Russian Area Studies *

    This site contains links to a variety of resources including Slavic language, literature and culture resources, popular magazines, libraries, university archives, and other points of interest.

  • PeReStRoIkA *

    This site was developed by Serge Bronshteyn and maintained by Victor T, both teenagers born in Moscow and now living in the US. It contains Russian resources, cyrillic fonts with interative instructions, music, literature, chat and more. (This site is not all Russia-related.)

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