A tablecloth restaurant is still one of the great rewards of civilization. - Harry Golden
Ivan Revyakin

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. -

Hi. My name is Ivan Revyakin.
At present in good faith (at least once I so think) I import the contribution to developed of a site "Friends & Partners".

Ivan I was awarded to be born in 1978 in city Krasnoturyinsk of the Sverdlovsk area. After long-awaited release from the tie of school sciences, I has enterred in Moscow Engineering - Physical Institute (MEPhI) on faculty "Physics And Economy of High Technologies", where I fill up the luggage of knowledge in the present time.

By virtue of modesty by mine unique, absorbed in itself of better qualities of the man of the person :), I shall number only some of my daggings. I like good music, but I not allocate separately any of the singer. I take a great interest by programming, network technologies and operating system Linux. I am by the active admirer of an auto racing Formula1, I am fan of the command McLaren and of the pilot Mika Hakkinen. The tennis and football are interesting for me too.

On all problems, complaints and reproaches write here ivan.r@april.friends-partners.ru

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