When two people communicate, they each can be enriched - and unlike traditional resources, the more you share the more you have. - U.S. Vice President Al Gore
Greg Cole

The sum of human wisdom is not contained in any one language, and no single language is capable of expressing all forms and degrees of human comprehension. - Ezra Pound

Greg began his new job in 1995 as the Director of the Center for International Networking Initiatives at the University of Tennessee.

Prior to this, he had served as the Director of the Office of Research Services at The University of Tennessee since its creation in 1988 as a 1 person operation. Prior to his job in Research Services, Greg worked for 5 years in the UT Knoxville Office of Research Administration.

Greg received his Master's degree from UTK in 1987 where he had the good fortune of working with Dr. Michael Thomason on research involving pattern recognition. The highlight of his academic career was the opportunity to travel with Dr. Thomason to Denmark where they spent 3 weeks and gave a paper describing their research to an international meeting on pattern recognition.

Greg enjoys travel, hiking, camping and is an avid reader and especially enjoys history, the books of James Michener and George MacDonald (a little known 19th century Scottish poet, preacher, and novelist) and anything he can find on Russia.

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