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Anita Colliatie

Note: Congratulations to Anita who is a graduate of the Class of '98 at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville! Although she won't be working with us on a regular basis, we hope she visits often and we thank her for all her invaluable work during her time with us!

My name is Anita Colliatie. I have two daughters; Rachel and Wrenn. I have worked at the Center for almost four years (almost the entire time that I've been a student at the University of Tennessee). My major is English, with a concentration in literature. I am also very interested in the creative side of arts and literature and have taken courses in art and poetry.

Working at the center has taught me quite a lot about computers (although I'm no expert by any means). It has been a great experience getting to know about the Internet and watching it grow. But what I like best about the center is the people that I work with, especially Angie and Greg. I also consider it a great opportunity that I have gotten to meet and know people from Russia, such as, Sasha, Sveta, Natasha, and her son Ivan. I am glad that my daughters had a chance to meet them too.

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