If there is technological advance without social advance, there is, almost automatically, an increase in human misery. - Michael Harrington

It is easier to fight for one's principles than to live up to them. - Fred Adler

The following are interesting news resources from and about Russia and other countries of the NIS that originate from outside of the former Soviet Union. Resources that are about the fSU and originate from sources inside these countries, are maintained on a separate page.

  • Access Russia & Central Europe, and Russian Life Magazine *

    The Russian Information Services Publications home page, features (1) "Access Russia & Central Europe", an on-line catalog of over 300 publications and products related to travel and doing business in Russia, the FSU and Central Europe, (2) "Russian Life" magazine, information about and excerpts from the leading magazine of Russian culture, history, business and travel and, (3) "Russia Review" magazine, distributed in the US by RIS and a definitive source of business in Russia today.

  • FsuMonitor.com *

    A project of the Union of Councils for Soviet Jews (UCSJ), this site provides news, opinions and advocacy of the Jewish faith in the countries of the former Soviet Union.

  • Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) Newsline

    RFE/RL Newsline is a daily report of developments in Eastern and Southeastern Europe, Russia, the Caucasus and Central Asia prepared by the staff of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. It is published Monday through Friday (except holidays). Friends and Partners is very pleased to maintain an archive of RFE/RL Newsline and its predecessors, the OMRI Daily Digest and RFE Daily Report. Our archive dates back to 1991 and is both browsable and searchable.

  • Russia Today *

    This first-rate news service provides in-depth coverage of almost every aspect of current life in Russia. Updated daily, it draws on a pool of Russian & European journalists and analysts, newspapers, television, and radio broadcasts to publish this free, English language service.

  • GlasNews *

    GlasNews is a quarterly publication on East-West contacts in all aspects of communications - including journalism, telecommunications, photography, opinion research, advertising and public relations. GlasNews is published by the Art Pattison Communications Exchange Program, based in Seattle.

  • Central Europe Online *

    Provides coverage of Politics, Business, Finance, Travel, Arts, and other elements of the life in Central Europe. Published daily.

  • Russian Story Press Rover *

    This fantastic service by Russian Story provides access to a large collection of Russian newspapers. Preview materials are available for free but other documents may be purchased and subscriptions made.

  • Welcome to Minsk Economic News *

    "This newspaper is for all people who are interested in Belarus, probably one of the least unknown countries in Eastern Europe."

  • Jamestown Foundation *

    One of the activities of this non-profit, nonpartisan organization is to publish several periodicals for their subscribers (archives are available online). The foundation and these periodicals monitor the progress of reform in the former Soviet Union and and assist independent fSU in the promotion of democracy and free enterprise organizations

  • Russia Portfolio *

    Published by Global Investor Publishing, Inc. and updated biweekly, the Russia Portfolio provides indepth, insider views on a wide variety of sectors of the Russian capital market. This is a paid subscription service.

  • Russian Presidential Elections in 1996

    Sveta Sandler's server on the 1996 Russia Presidential Elections.

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