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The following are interesting news resources from and about Russia and other countries of the NIS. Resources that are about the fSU but from sources outside of these countries, are maintained on a separate page. We are also maintaining a list of newspapers and magazines that deal more with culture, entertainment, specific cities, etc. of Russia and the NIS. Be sure to check out all of these pages!

  • President of Georgia Press Office *

    The WWW site for the Press Office of the President of Georgia is an extremely, well put together site with an abundance of information about the activities of the President and the press statements of his office. They will reply to "any request regarding news from our country". Also included is the Constitution in five languages.

  • Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) Newsline

    RFE/RL Newsline is a daily report of developments in Eastern and Southeastern Europe, Russia, the Caucasus and Central Asia prepared by the staff of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. It is published Monday through Friday (except holidays). Friends and Partners is very pleased to maintain an archive of RFE/RL Newsline and its predecessors, the OMRI Daily Digest and RFE Daily Report. Our archive dates back to 1991 and is both browsable and searchable.

  • The Voice of Russia *

    You can listen to the daily news of the Voice of Russia (in English, Russian and many other languages) using RealAudio at http://www.wrn.org/ondemand/russia.html .

  • Voice of America *

    As one of the top 3 international broadcasters for over 53 years, Voice of America provides current, precise and balanced news and features, plus music and entertainment to listeners worldwide. The Eurasia Division contains Armenian, Georgian, Russian and Ukrainian while the European Division contains Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian

  • InterFax News Agency *

    With over 500 correspondents, Interfax is the largest, private Russian news agency. They publish a variety of respected, accurate, daily and weekly reports covering all 15 countries of the former Soviet Union that have become known, worldwide, as an accurate source of information on the former Soviet Union.

  • InterNews Russia *

    This nonprofit organization provides information about, by and for the independent media in the NIS and and gives support to nongovernmental television broadcasters in Russia.

  • The Moscow Times *

    This sister newspaper to The St. Petersburg Times provides a wealth of local, national and international news.

  • The St. Petersburg Times *

    This award winning site for this newspaper provides a variety of information about what's going on in the city including top stories, business, politics, opinions, entertainment news, classifieds, and more. Be sure to visit their archives and their sister newspaper, The Moscow Times.

  • News Around Armenia *

    This site makes provides links to 9 differenet publications in Armenia including "The Noyan Tapan Highlights" which is the first English-language weekly newspaper published in Armenia.

  • The Russian-American Press and Information Center (RAPIC)

    Through its unique program of computer information services, research library, topical briefings, training seminars, and regional branches throughout Russia, the Russian-American Press and Information Center has developed into one of the most comprehensive information resources available for journalists of the former Soviet Union. There is also a site in Russian only .

  • The Siberian Information-Analyzation Center for Communicative Security (Siberian-InfoCenter) *

    The Siberian-InfoCenter is a large company with multiple branches, such as the Siberian Transregional Center for Administrative Organizations and the NewSiberian Regional Center for Defense of the Press. The latter publishes a weekly newspaper about Communications in Siberia and all of Russia called "Siberskaia Gazeta". This page contains various information about the company, including contacts, products, and a large list of links to various businesses in Russia.

  • "Webwatch" *

    A biweekly column in the Moscow Times about Internet news and trends in the region:

  • Baltic News Service (BNS) *

    As the largest news agency in the Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, it is the only all-Baltic news agency. Operations are also maintained in Moscow, Kaliningrad of the Russian Federation and in Minsk, Belarus.

  • Vladivostok News *

    Vladivostok's first English-language newspaper. Their focus is on news, business and local information.

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