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This page will focus on radio and television in and about Russia/NIS and the news and information broadcasted.


  • KMNB Russian Language Radio *

    The programming of this radio station is is geared towards the over 40 age group of Russians. Another added benefit is the simultaneous broadcast translations of American TV shows and popular movies.

  • Radio "DON WAVE", 104.1FM *

    This local radio station, located in Rostov-on-Don, provides music, news (especially local), and various types of information about the city and the region. This site is in Russian only.

  • Radio "ECHO of Moscow" *

    This famous information resource is where you can hear a wide variety of news from various Russian and foreign politicians, businessmen, economists, writers, artists and sportsmen. There is also the opportunity to listen to the radio via the Internet. This site is in Russian only.

  • Radio Maximum-Perm 103.2 FM *

    The Perm division of Radio Maximum provides news, local information about events, contests, the hit-parade, a photoalbum of musicians and DJs, and views. This site is in Russian only.

  • Radio Sweden Russian Service *

    Radio Sweden Russian Service has been offering radio programs in the Russian language for the past 30 years. This service is offered in order to provide Russian-speaking visitors with impartial, free information about Sweden and her people.

  • RusRadio *

    Begun in 1995, this is the first Russian national radio station. They are heard in over 50 cities across Russia and the Ukraine with many popular Russian artists, leisure shows and news. Listen to a RealAudio broadcast!

  • Russian Radio Chicago *

    A listing of times that the radio station airs Russian New Life and Russian New Horizons.

  • The Voice of Russia *

    You can listen to the daily news of the Voice of Russia (in English, Russian and many other languages) using RealAudio at .

  • Voice of America *

    As one of the top 3 international broadcasters for over 53 years, Voice of America provides current, precise and balanced news and features, plus music and entertainment to listeners worldwide. The Eurasia Division contains Armenian, Georgian, Russian and Ukrainian while the European Division contains Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian

  • Latvijas Radio mājas lapa - Radio Latvia (LR) *

    In operation since 1925, this national public broadcaster has three programs (stations), which total to fifty five hours daily and cover a wide range of areas. They include news, a variety of music, minority programming and much more for the 2.6 million population of Latvia.

  • Television

  • Center TV *

    This site presents various infomation about Center TV including telecommunications information, current projects, and contact information.

  • International Russian Radio/TV *

    Weekly Christian television and radio programming is made available to those in the former Soviet Union.

  • National Television Company Of Ukraine *

    On the air 18 hours per day day and with a staff of over 2,500 employees and 8 studios, this station delivers programs that include news, information, sports, arts, shows for children's and "junior's", religious, economics, plus more.

  • Public Russian Television (ORTV) *

    Channel 1 TV broadcasts 18.5 hours a day reaching almost 98.8% of the population in Russia and 80% overall of the former Soviet Union. Their programing includes extensive news and a 3 hour morning show similar to our morning shows like "Good Morning America".

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