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The National Science Foundation ( is an independent federal agency in the United States responsible for fundamental research in all fields of science and engineering, with an annual budget of about $3.3 billion. NSF funds reach all 50 states, through grants to more than 2,000 universities and institutions nationwide. NSF receives more than 50,000 requests for funding annually, including at least 30,000 new proposals.

The NSF has issued a $2 million (2 year) cooperative agreement to The University of Illinois NCSA, funding the trans-Atlantic telecommunications cost and basic operations/personnel costs for the US NaukaNet team.

The NaukaNet team expresses its gratitude to the NSF and, in particular, to Steve Goldstein whose efforts over the years have been largely responsible for the Internet's evolution into a global network. And we're grateful to/for our program/office team of Chip Cox, Tom Greene and Aubrey Bush of the ANIR Division of NSF CISE.

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Funding for NaukaNet provided by the US National Science Foundation and the Ministry for Industry, Science and Technology of the Russian Federation. Telecommunications services are provided by Telia, Inc.

This NaukaNet web site is available at two locations, in US and Russia:

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Teleglobe, USA

Teleglobe is the proposed telecommunications company for providing the trans-Atlantic capacity required by NaukaNet. Teleglobe is recognized as a world leader in the intercontinental telcommunications industry. The Teleglobe network includes submarine cable and satellite facilities linking North America with over 240 countries and territories.

Please visit our MirNET page on Teleglobe for more information and additional links.