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Information resources related to advanced networking technologies and funding opportunities to support US-Russian collaborative projects.

Advanced Networking

  • High Speed Networking Initiatives

    Projects involved in advanced networking and the Next Generation Internet technology.

  • Quality of Service - QoS

    Information about and technologies used to determine the end-to-end performance of a network.

  • Measurement and Monitoring Tools

    Information about various tools used to measure and monitor network traffic.

  • Network Tools

    Information about tools used to trace the route from the client machine to the remote host being contacted.

  • Meetings and Conferences Related to Advanced Networking

    This listing contains helpful information about meetings, conferences, workshops, etc. related to the Internet and to the many aspects of advanced networking.

  • NGI Applications

    A wide variety of high performance networking applications.

  • High Performance Networking Technologies

    Internet accessible resources describing advanced networking technologies.

  • Hardware

    Information about the different types of hardware involved in the operation of high performance networking.

  • Online NGI Presentations

    Online and downloadable presentations describing advanced networking, its applications, development, future and the technologies involved.

  • Other High Performance Internet Related Listservers

    A variety of mailing lists that deal with varied aspects of high speed networking.

  • Bibliography Information

  • Articles and Papers

    Online articles and papers describing advanced networking technologies, applications, and future developments.

  • Articles and Papers in Russian

    Online articles and papers, in the Russian language, that describe advanced networking technologies, applications, and future developments.

  • Books

    Books related to high performance networking.

  • Scientific Publications and Bibliographies

    Scientific publications and bibliographies pertaining to advanced networking.

  • Glossaries of Networking Terms and Acronyms

    Terms and acronyms that apply to advanced networking.

  • Funding Information

  • Friends and Partners Funding Opportunities Database Search Request

    A full-text search database of funding and exchange opportunities. The system is designed to permit users to add and maintain their own records (with password protection). We invite your help in making this a more complete resource!

  • Funding and Exchange Agencies

    A listing of the major funding agencies who provide support for various NIS related initiatives.

  • Funding and Exchange Programs

    This is very dated but there is still useful reference information here. We are currently working (as of September, 1998) on a new version of this list.

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