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Summary Proposal Budget and Justification

The University of Tennessee requests $4,021,205 from the National Science Foundation to fund the NaukaNet project for a period of five (5) years. The funding will cover costs of telecommunications transport from the STAR TAP switch in Chicago to the M9 switch in Moscow and University of Tennessee-based operational expenses. The Russian Ministry of Science and Technology is providing matching of total communications cost, as well as its own operational expenses.


Ameritech Advanced Data Services (AADS) (Please see Note 1) will provide the proposed link. It will initially be a terrestrial 6Mbps ATM service from the STAR TAP switch in Chicago to the M9 station in Moscow (with intermediate cross connect points at New York and Copenhagen) operated by Rostelecom (Note 1) (national telecommunications operator in Moscow). The total annual communications cost of [] includes restorable service on TAT12.


The University of Tennessee requests partial support for two line positions and full support for a support staff position. 50% of a senior network engineering position within Telecommunications and Network Services will be devoted to link engineering, monitoring, reporting, problem resolution, testbed development and end-user support. An information specialist position will be created within the Center for International Networking Initiatives and devoted to reporting, Internet service management (web site, communications services, programming, etc.), liasing with the general public and with the Russian members of the NaukaNet team, and implementing fund raising/development activities. The support staff position, created within the Center for International Networking Initiatives, will supply general staff support and project management assistance to all members of the NaukaNet Consortium. Partial support is requested as indicated on the budget forms for the two co-project investigators.


$15,000 is requested (annually) to cover travel to Moscow and St. Petersburg for interaction between NaukaNet Consortium members in the U.S. and Russia.

Statement of Institutional Cost Sharing

To assist with the NaukaNet Consortium activities, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville will fund the following positions, equipment, and activities:

  • 25% of the Information Specialist position (with other 75% covered by NSF funds).

  • 2 Network Technician positions devoted to network monitoring, problem resolution, reporting and other duties. These positions are 2 of 4 new positions required due to the changeover in NOC service to 24/7.

  • 10% FTE NaukaNet Co-Project Manager (with additional 15% covered by NSF funds). Position is Director for Telecommunications and Network Services and will be responsible for managing the Network Operating Center, for engineer/testbed development activities and other duties related to overall project management.

  • 30% FTE NaukaNet Co-Project Manager (with additional 20% covered by NSF funds). Position is Director for the Center of International Networking Initiatives and will be responsible for project planning, information dissemination, reporting, fund raising, liasing with Russian team members and other duties related to overall project management.

The University of Tennessee will also contribute funds for necessary equipment and software including workstations, servers, and network equipment.

A summary of budget and cost sharing commitments is provided in the table below:


Year 1 (1998-99) 797,265 179,106 61,966 1,038,337
Year 2 (1999-00) 804,747 149,871 64,445 1,019.063
Year 3 (2000-01) 812,529 155,867 67,023 1,035,419
Year 4 (2001-02) 820,623 162,103 69,704 1,052,430
Year 5 (2002-03) 829,041 168,588 72,493 1,070,122
Total 4,064,205 815,536 335,630 5,215,371

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Funding for NaukaNet provided by the US National Science Foundation and the Ministry for Industry, Science and Technology of the Russian Federation. Telecommunications services are provided by Telia, Inc.

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