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The following resources deal in Quality of Service (QoS) as related to advanced networking. The Internet2 definition of QoS is "the ability of an application to receive a pretermined level of end-to-end performance from a network. This may include an particular amount of bandwidth or guarantees of maximum latency or jitter."

Below we have listed a variety of resources that include specific sites about QoS in advanced networking projects, presentations, papers, articles and proposals, and books available for purchase.

  • Definitions of Quality of Service *

    Many definitions to QoS pertaining to various aspects of advanced networking are provided along with their sources.

  • Internet2: QBone *

    An interdomain testbed for differentiated services, the QBone vision is the "significant subset of the Internet implements well-defined notions of QOS and is regarded by users as QOS." It is an Internet2 initiative that includes an QIG, an interdomain QBone testbed, and QSG, an intradomain solutions group.

  • Internet2: Quality of Service *

    This section of the Internet2's website provides information about their working group, related listserves, past and future meetings, a presentation of the May '98 workshop held in California (including presentations and papers), and a short, very sleek presentation, "Best Efforts" about the problems and solutions for advanced applications (Shockwave enabled).

  • Quality of Service in Computer Networks *

    This is a course offered at the University of Virginia. Although this course is offered Spring '99 at UVA, there is lots of useful information and links regarding QoS and RSVP.

  • Presentations

  • Internet 2: Joint Applications / Engineering QoS Workshop Presentations *

    Several online presentations are available from this May, 1998 workshop that was held in Santa Clara, California. Included are "Campus QoS", "Example GigaPoP Implementation: NYSERNet", "Example Application: Tele-immersion", and "Differentiated Services for the Internet ".

  • Papers, Articles and Proposals

  • Quality of Service Development in the vBNS *

    The abstract of this paper reads "A 'reserved bandwidth' service is described as a quality of service enhancement in the vBNS. Design of this service is based on the characteristics of vBNS user traffic and state of the art of commercially available technology. An evolutionary strategy is adopted for the vBNS QoS development with this service as the initial offering. Its implementation scheme and issues are discussed in detail. Future extension to include differentiated services or CoS is also described."

  • The vBNS' Response to Internet2's Call for Participation in QBone *

    This response describes the vBNS's participation in the QBone project, especially their input in the area QoS. There is also an extensive vBNS logical map on this page.

  • Books

  • Delivering Qos on the Internet and in Corporate Networks *

    Quality of Service is becoming a critical differentiating factor in the data networking world. This book discusses the concepts of Quality of Service and the differentiated Classes of Service, as well as examines the various methods used to deliver Quality of Service over different networks.

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