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The resources below are for online and downloadable presentations that deal with high performance networking. We also have a listing of online articles and papers in English and in Russian.

  • Accessing High Performance Networks from Indiana University *

    This presentation deals with high performance networking technologies and their scientific applications.

  • Center for Next Generation Internet Public Presentations *

    These viewable presentations were presented at over different 10 events in the United States and Europe. (Note: The Center is not affiliated in any way with the Next Generation Internet initiatives of the U.S. Office of Science and Technology Policy or any other public body, although it encourages NGI activities in all countries and regions.)

  • Internet 2: Joint Applications / Engineering QoS Workshop Presentations *

    Several online presentations are available from this May, 1998 workshop that was held in Santa Clara, California. Included are "Campus QoS", "Example GigaPoP Implementation: NYSERNet", "Example Application: Tele-immersion", and "Differentiated Services for the Internet ".

  • Internet2 Advanced Networking Video *

    This downloadable video "Advanced Networking: Connecting to the Future" gives a view into what Internet2 and the Next Generation Internet initiative hold for research, education, and the global Internet.

  • Internet2 General Meeting *

    This presentation covers topics of the October 1997 meeting. Included are campus case studies, corporate partners, technical discussions and industry directions.

  • Internet2 Overview *

    This slide presentation was presented by Heather Boyles of Internet2 at the FARNET (Federation of American Research Networks) meeting in September, 1997. It covers the mission, goals, priorities, applications and network services.

  • Internet2 Plenary Session *

    The Webcast archive of this session of the "Network Policies and Strategies Shaping Higher Education" meeting that was held Arpil 15-17, 1998 in Washington, DC. You will need a recent version of RealAudio to hear this.

  • Internet2 and High Speed Network Applications *

    This 1997 talk by Glenn Bresnahan, the Co-director of Boston University's MARINER (Mid-level Alliance Resource In the North East Region) project, addresses the applications issues and requirements for the Internet2.

  • Internet2 and UCAID *

    This March, 1998 presentation covers the "Next Steps in the Advanced Internet Development" was given by Douglas Van Houweling of Internet2. The 37 slides cover the history, present status and what is required for the future.

  • Internet2: Past, Present and Future Presentations *

    A partial collection of presentations providing information on the Internet2, Next Generation Internet and vBNS.

  • MREN/NSF Forum on HPDN/vBNS *

    This 1997 forum is presented in the form of videos and slide presentations. A variety of subjects presentations to advanced networking were given over this two day workshop.

  • Next Generation Internet (NGI) - Presentations & Briefings *

    A variety of online presentations and briefings concerning the Next Generation Initiative and Internet2 that have been presented since June 1997 are provided.

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