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Below are resources for articles and papers online, written in the Russian language, that deal with a variety of aspects of high speed networking. In addition, we have a listing of resources that are in the English language. A listing of online presentations (in English only) is also available.

  • Voice Transmission and ATM technology *

  • ATM *

    This article provides a description of ATM technology (in Russian only).

  • ATM Equipment *

    Diifferent kinds of ATM switches is detailed on this page (in Russian only).

  • ATM Switches for Local Networks *

    The description of ATM switches in Russian only.

  • ATM Technology Protocols *

    ATM Forum standards for the ATM technology is demonstrated in Russian only.

  • ATM in Real World *

    Problems of ATM technology employment

  • ATM networks. *

    Different ways of getting access to ATM networks.

  • ATM switches *

    Current tests, and problems of standard development for ATM.

  • ATM today *

    The role of the ATM technology in computer network development

  • Academic Implementation of Internet2 *

    Paticipation of American universities in Internet2 and Next Generation Internet development.

  • Gigabit Ethernet and ATM *

    Comparison of two network technologies is provided in Russian only.

  • IPv6 *

    Some characteristics, possibilities, advantages and disadvantages of IPv6.

  • IPv6 *

    A comparison of IPv6 and previous versions of IP is made in this section (in Russian only).

  • Internet2 *

    Short summury of Internet2 project (in Russian)

  • Internet: evolution or revolution *

    Ethical and legal issues of Next Generation Networks development.

  • Introduction to ATM *

    Basic concepts, standarts and glossary of ATM

  • Introduction to the Fiber Optics Networks *

    The article describes different optical systems of communication networks (in Russian only).

  • MPOA *

    Multiprotocol over ATM

  • National Laboratory for Applied Network Research (NLANR) *

    Short summary of NLANR activities

  • Network Technologies *

    This section provides, in the Russian language only, descriptions of different technologies for local networks, including the ATM technology.

  • Next Generation Internet (in Russian) *

    The description of Internet2 and Next Generation Internet projects

  • Next Generation Internet Project *

    Short summary of NGI project

  • Rainbow in the Network *

    Principles of functioning and some advantages of WDM technology

  • SONET *

    Some problems of high performance network creation based on SONET technology

  • Some advice on ATM net construction *

    Practical recommendations on ATM net construction.

  • The Future Structure of the Internet *

    This article discusses the current infrastructure of Internet technology and how it contrasts with promising recent technological developments that will likely revolutionize the future of the Internet

  • The first books on ATM and SDN in Russian. *

  • The speed of the 21 century. *

    ATM, Gigabit Ethernet and some others.

  • Universal circuit construction *

    ATM and frame relay usage in global /local network construction

  • University Corporation for Advanced Internet Development (UCAID) *

    Short summary of UCAID activities

  • Usage of ATM networks in Russia *

    Equipment development for ATM networks

  • VLAN *

    Using the ATM technology in creating virtual networks (VLAN).

  • WDM *

    Some principles of wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) technology

  • What is ATM? *

    Another article with a basic description of the ATM technology is provided in Russian only.

  • vBNS project *

    Short summary of vBNS project (in Russian)

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