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Below are resources for articles and papers online that deal with a variety of aspects of high speed networking. In addition, we have a listing of resources that are in the Russian language. A listing of online presentations (in English) is also available.

  • Abilene Lights the Track for a New Internet *

    From the online magazine, Boardwatch, this June '98 articles describes the Abilene project.

  • All Packets Should Not Be Created Equal *

    This April 1998 article published in D-Lib Magazine about the Internet2 Project was written by William Graves of the Collegis Research Institute in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. It covers the reasoning behind the project, what it is, the pros and cons, and the committment of the participants. This is well worth reading.

  • Building the Internet's Future: Internet2, UCAID and NGI *

    May/June 1998 "Educom Review" article by Douglas Van Houweling.

  • Getting Ready For Internet2 *

    This August 1997 article by Larry Lange discusses the pros, cons and necessities of the Internet2.

  • Internet 2 holds promise of technological leap *

    February, 1999 article from CNN with general information about Internet2 and a related video demonstrating capabilities.

  • Internet 2: Is the sequel here already? *

    This January 1997 article from "Red Herring Online" discusses the purpose of the Internet2 project.

  • Internet Futures 101 *

    ENT Online article about Internet2 by Stephen Swoyer.

  • Internet2 Delivers Power And Performance For A Wired Age *

    This August 1997 article by David Braun discusses the needs and expectations of the Next Generation Internet (NGI) and Internet2.

  • Internet2 goes live *

    February, 1999 article from CNET with very general information about Abilene projects.

  • LIGHTWAVE - Optical Networking and WDM *

    This August 1998 special report discusses the current and future uses of WDM technology.

  • NET.WORK.VIRGINIA Reference Materials *

    A collection of papers presented by NET.WORK.VIRGINIA and devoted to Internet2, IP over ATM, advanced videoconferencing.

  • New Plan for Next Generation Internet: Is It Too Little Too Late? *

    This October, 1997 Science & Technology in Congress article covers discussions and actions in Congress regarding the implementation of the NGI.

  • SONET, SDH & ATM - Q&A *

    This "Lightwave" article explains combined uses of these technologies.

  • The Supercomputer Supernet Testbed: A WDM Based Supercomputer Interconnect *

    This 1995 paper explains fiber optic wavelength division multiplexed (WDM) fiber networks. Subjects included are architecture, protocols, models, and applications and testbeds.

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