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The following initiatives are currently or will be using the high speed networking technologies.
  • Next Generation Internet (NGI) Initiative *

    This multi-agency Federal research and development (R&D) program was begun October 1, 1997 with NSF, DARPA, NASA, NIH and NIST participating. This initiative is developing advanced networking technologies, revolutionary applications that require these technologies and their use in testbeds "100 to 1,000 times faster end-to-end than today's Internet". This searchable official site offers an overview, publications, endorsements, testimonies, solictations, presentations, events, applications and related sites.

  • Internet2 *

    This is the official, indepth site for the Internet2 project developed by the University Corporation for Advanced Internet Development. It provides an abundance of information including the goal of the project, technical information, continually updated news and archives, a glossary, member and partner information plus events and presentations related to this important undertaking.

  • NSF Directorate for Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE) *

    The CISE maintains 5 divisions whose purpose is to promote advanced computing, information services, sciences, engineering and research while enabling the United States to maintain a leading position worldwide in these areas.

  • Mid Atlantic Crossroads *

    The Southeastern Universities Research Association (SURA), NET.WORK.VIRGINIA (NWV), the Washington Research and Education Network (WREN), Maryland GigaPOP, Bell Atlantic and GTE are established the Mid-Atlantic Crossroads (MAX). MAX will deploy the Mid-Atlantic MetaPOP to function as the aggregation and switching point, providing a linchpin for advanced countrywide and regional network initiatives

  • TransPAC *

    The provision of high performance international Internet service (HPIIS) which will connect the Asia Pacific Advanced Network to the vBNS and other global networks with the purpose of international collaborations in research and education.

  • ANIR - Advanced Networking Infrastructure and Research *

    The Division of Advanced Networking Infrastructure and Research is a part of the Directorate for Computer and Information Science and Engineering of the National Science Foundation. With two basic research programs, Networking Research and Special Projects in Networking Research, their goal is the to "support research in the technical areas relevant to understanding the global information infrastructure and to lay the basis for future advancements".

  • Abilene *

    A project of the University Corporation for Advanced Internet Development (UCAID), in conjuction with several major telecommunications corporations, this project was announced in April 1998.

  • Advanced Technology Demonstration Network - ATDnet *

    Established by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), this high performance network testbed in the Washington D.C. area was built to represent possible future Metropolitan Area Networks by enabling collaboration between Defense and other Federal agencies.


    This not-for-profit consortium, led by Canadian industry, was created as a way for the federal government, research community and the private sector to work together to advance the Information Highway in Canada. Three core programs, Advanced Networks, Applications Development and, Outreach, make up this consortium.

  • Defense Research & Engineering Network (DREN) *

    Linking scientists and engineers from all areas of the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) to their High Performance Computing (HPC) centers and to each other at bandwidths which are project provides wide-area networking services at bandwidths which are parallel to the requirements of users.

  • Energy Sciences Network (ESnet) *

    Funded by the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Energy Science Research (DOE/OER), this global computer network was developed for the support of multi-program, open scientific research.

  • International Center for Advanced Internet Research - iCAIR *

    iCAIR, based at Northwestern University, will focus on the "rapid prototying of commmercialized technologies for a wide range of industries, including education, health care, manufacturing, government, financial, e-business and telecommunications through partnerships with the international community."

  • Metropolitan Research and Education Network (MREN) *

    MREN, comprised of US universities, other NGI Initiatives, Canada's CANARIE project, and other nonprofit organizations, is "dedicated to providing the widest possible range of advanced digital networking services." Their mission is "to create advanced, innovative networking architecture and digital communication services in support of leading-edge research and educational applications."

  • NASA Research & Education Network (NREN) *

    NREN will provide a high performance network application testbed and a network research testbed for the NASA community, its partners and other Federal agencies. This will be done at both the IP and ATM level and will include such services as IPv6, multicast, Quality of Service, security and network management tools.

  • National Laboratory for Applied Network Research (NLANR) *

    Created in 1995, this collaborative project is between NSF-supported computer sites provides technical and engineering support. In addition, a thorough coordination of the five supercomputer centers is administered. With Applications/User Services, Engineering and Measurement and Analysis as the three divisions, their current goal is to "provide technical, engineering and traffic analysis support of NSF High Performance Connections sites and the broad vBNS user community".

  • STAR TAP *

    STAR TAP - Science, Technology And Research Transit Access Point - provides a persistent connection point for U.S. and international high-performance research networks in Chicago. It allows traffic to travel from the 100+ research universities and supercomputer centers connected to high speed networks to international collaborators. This site covers connecting, topology, science forums, engineering, news, relevant listserves and information on these new technologies being built.

  • Singapore Advanced Research and Education Network (SingAREN) *

    This initiative, launched in November, 1997, is to create a high-speed braodband network platfrom that will serve Singapore users in the fields of education, research and industry and enable research and development along with the development of advanced technology. The 2 local universities and several local research organizations.

  • University Corporation for Advanced Internet Development (UCAID) *

    This corporation has been formed in order "to provide leadership and direction for advanced networking development within the university community. Comprised of 110 U.S. research universities, activities include the Internet2 project in addition to other programs and collaborative efforts such as network research, technology transfer, distance learning and educational technology.

  • vBNS *

    This nationwide network was launched in 1995 by a cooperative agreement between MCI and the National Science Foundation. It supports research applications using high-performance, high-band width.

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    Based at Northwestern University and in partnership with IBM, Ameritech and Cisco, the new International Center for Advanced Internet Research, states their mission as: " Accelerate Leading-Edge Innovation and Enhanced Digital Global Communications through Advanced Internet Technologies, in Partnership with the International Community".

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