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Resources below point to wide variety of applications involving use of advanced networking.

  • Advanced Video Conferencing

    Resources pointing to wide variety of information about videoconferencing and desktop videoconferencing in particular.

  • NIH: Distributed Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Imaging *

    This potential application will allow the biomedical scientists to conduct animal research through the development of high resolution PET scans and ATM transmission of the resulting reconstructed 3-D images at an enhanced level.

  • NIH: Medical Image Reference Libraries *

    This potential application will allow for the creation of medical reference libraries which would contain high resolution images, movies and sounds of pathological medical conditions that could be accessed remotely. Video sequences and large numbers of images require speeds of up to 75 Mbits/sec to ensure acceptable access times.

  • NIH: Radiology Consultation Workstation *

    This potential application will allow radiation oncologists and radiologists at NIH and other medical institutions to participate in remote consultation opportunities. This will be done with the use of interactive image analysis over ATM telemedicine networks.

  • NIH: Real-time Telemedicine *

    This potential application will provide a way for physicians and scientists to participate in remote medical consultations by using real-time analysis of medical diagnostic procedures that involve motion. With the requirement of 75 Mbits/sec transmission and the need of a constant rate, this will provide a more accurate means for diagnoses.

  • NIH: Remote Control Telemedicine *

    This potential application will enable the control of medical instrument from a distance. Since applications such as robotic surgery demand a speed of 75 Mbits/sec, high speed networks are envisioned for this use and others such as pathology and dialysis.

  • NIST: Characterization, Remote Access, and Simulation of Hexapod Machines *

    This goal of this project, sponsored by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), is to allow for "remote operation, data collection, and simulation of a new class of parallel-actuated machine tools as the basic low-level operations of a collaboratory in the area of machine tool research". The current Internet technology will not allow this to be done in a cost-effective manner due to the need of at least 80 Mbits/sec for the the video and data streams.

  • NIST: Telerobotic Operation of Scanned Probe Microscopes (SPM) *

    This goal of this project, sponsored by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), is to "demonstrate and implement capabilities for the remote operation of scanned probe microscopy (SPM) systems at various levels of control using standard data representations and controller interfaces for collaborative measurement, research, and diagnostics purposes associated with nanometer-scale dimensional artifacts." The current Internet technology will not allow this to be done in a cost-effective manner due to the need of at least 80 Mbits/sec for the the video and data streams.

  • NOAA: Advanced Weather Forecasting *

    The goal of this project, sponsored by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), is "to add the new advanced Doppler weather radars to the suite of observing systems used to initialize and update numerical weather models". This is hoped to make rapid storm-scale modeling possible, which will enhance warning systems for hazardous weather and related crisis management .

  • NSF: Chesapeake Bay Virtual Environment (CBVE) *

    The aim of this collaboration is to enable the study, using real time control of the simulation and multimodal presentation, of the Chesapeake Bay and other marine environments by scientists at various sites. NGI will allow for enhanced simulations using CAVE Automatic Virtual Environment (CAVE) thereby much more accurate depictions in sound and visually.

  • NSF: Distributed Modeling Laboratory for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies *

    This potential of application is the "construction and operation of a distributed modeling laboratory for mesoscale meteorological studies". Develoment of a virtual machine using NGI and from high-performance computers at four atmospheric research institutions is the goal of this project.

  • NSF: Real Time Environmental Data *

    The innovation of computing and networking technologies such as obtaining such environmental data sets in real-time is being used by teachers and researchers at U.S. universities to enchance teaching and lab work. Included data is from environmental satellites, NEXRAD radars, supercomputer forecast models, wind profiler and lightning networks, as well as traditional reports from weather stations.

  • National Transparent Optical Network (NTON) *

    This advanced very high-speed, transparent, all-optical network in the San Francisco Bay Area provides a testbed for complex optical networking technologies, a facility for development and demonstration of high-bandwidth network applications, and a platform for research and development of integrated network management capabilities.

  • Telemedicine Information Exchange *

    This site provides comprehensive information about telemedicine and telemedicine-related activities. It was created by the Telemedicine Research Center with major support from the National Library of Medicine. Telemedicine, the transfer of electronic medical data such as high resolution images, sounds, live video, and patient records from one location to another a uses a variety of technologies including ATM.

  • Internet 2: Virtual Laboratory *

    This "heterogeneous, distributed problem solving environment" allows researchers located at different sites around the globe to work together on a common set of projects with basic infrastructure requirements that are shared.

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