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Friends and Partners, US / Center for International Networking Initiatives (CINI)

The University of Tennessee is actively developing and furthering use of the Internet in its many programs of instruction, research, and service. The Center for International Networking Initiatives (CINI) has launched several large-scale Internet-based information and communications services to promote education, economic development, joint research initiatives, new exchange programs, and better understanding between countries and cultures separated by barriers of distance, language, and cultural misunderstanding.

With its activities and partners in Central and Eastern Europe, the Former Soviet Union, and China, the office builds and supports advanced information and communications systems illustrating good use of the emerging global information infrastructure and providing for cross-cultural exchange and education opportunities for faculty, staff and students of the University of Tennessee and others throughout the world. Its popular "Friends and Partners" Internet service promotes U.S.-Russian cooperation, receives over 3,000,000 accesses each month from around the world and has been designated among the top sites on the Internet. In addition to its work supporting the statewide University of Tennessee community, its services have been recognized and requested by organizations throughout the world - including the U.S. White House, U.S. Ambassadors to Russia and China, U.S. Departments of State, Commerce, and other government agencies, NATO, several higher education institutions, and by many commercial and non-profit organizations. Its activities have been supported with funding from the National Science Foundation, Ford Foundation, NATO, the U.S. State Department, Sun Microsystems, the International Science Foundation and others.

CINI is a relatively new Center, established in December of 1995 as a cooperative venture on the part of the UT Knoxville and UT System administrations. Recognizing the value of integrating advanced information technologies with international development efforts, the goal was to build upon some of the pre-existent activities (such as "Friends and Partners") in support of faculty, staff and students interested in innovative use of new technologies in areas of global outreach and international education and development. In addition to its primary activities in the Former Soviet Union (, the Center supports several groups on the UTK campus including very successful work in the Central and Eastern Europe Center with their Alliance of Universities for Democracy (; the UTK College of Business in various projects in Romania (; as well as new ventures in China (, Azerbaijan (, Bosnia (, and as yet unannounced projects in Mexico (, and Georgia.

The new Center maintains close ties with the UTK Telecommunication and Network Services Group. Specific services offered include "large web-site development" using its own software developed for supporting large scale, multi-lingual, cross-platform, cross-browser information systems. The Center also supports work in Internet-based database systems (with emphasis on SGML-based full-text databases) and helps to establish and maintain communications services such as email listservers, on-line bulletin boards, and interactive "chat" facilities. Its primary focus to date has been to help establish, foster, and sustain on-line communities interested in cross-cultural issues. CINI was also instrumental in the development of the local Knoxville-Oak Ridge Civic Network KORRnet ( and has recently received funding from the Ford Foundation to initiate development of 3 civic networks in Russian communities ( In addition to advice and support in establishing information and communications services, CINI maintains Unix host systems which are available for use by members of the University community involved in developing Internet-based services with an international focus.

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