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Below we have listed some funding and exchange programs related to advanced networking. We also maintain a very dated (but still useful) list of reference information on broader funding programs.

  • ATM Management and Control API

    The objective of this Department of the Air Force program is to develop and demonstration of generic software interface to improve the overall performance of ATM-based broadband distributed information systems. Deadline: Open

  • BAA 96-03-PKPX Military Networking Technology in a Global Infospere *

    The Air Force Research Laboratory in Rome, New York "is soliciting white papers for concept developments, experiments, and demonstrations involving new and innovative approaches to support future Air Force network requirements in the context of a global infosphere. Leveraging commercial technologies and the potential for dual use by both the military and civilian communities are two additional aspects of this program. This activity is aimed at addressing the scale and complexity of a global infosphere which will provide new, end-user, multimedia, information services and support distributed command & control, intelligence, telemedicine and similar applications." Be sure to read the Amendment to this program. Deadline: December 31, 2000.

  • High Performance Computing Services for AFOSR Grantees and Contractors - AFR *

    Available to eligible Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) research grant or contract recipients with heavy computer workloads which exceed the recipients' computing capabilities at their insitution, this program provides access to a range of state-of-the-art high performance computing assets and training opportunities at no cost. Deadline: Ongoing

  • NSF Advanced Networking Research Program *

    "This program focuses on the fundamental science and technology needed to facilitate the efficient, high-speed transfer of information through networks and distributed systems. Projects funded span the entire spectrum, from network design and performance evaluation to middleware and software frameworks in support of applications running on top of networks and distributed systems."Deadlines: 12/01/98 and 06/01/99.

  • NSF Connections to the Internet Program *

    This program "supports research, development, implementation, and testing of advanced, high-performance network testbeds and related technologies in support of the distributed information technology goals of the U.S. research and education community. This applied research program seeks to enable the use of novel and/or advanced research applications across all disciplines of science and engineering, coordinates interactions with international research partners, and promotes the analysis, improvement, and evolution of the Internet. This program provides nation-wide high-performance infrastructure for the U.S. science and education community." Deadlines: 12/01/98 and 06/01/99.

  • NSF Internet Technologies Program *

    "The ANI Program (previously NSFNet), through its Internet Technologies activity, supports the goal of accelerating R&D in strategic technologies. The purpose is to improve the operational or functional capabilities of the Internet and related collateral efforts for the benefit of the research and education community. Areas of support include but are not limited to complex network monitoring, problem detection and resolution mechanisms; development of automated and advanced network tools, networked applications tools or network-based middleware; and creation of usable and widely deployable networking applications that promote collaborative research and information sharing." Deadline: Open.

  • Special Projects in Networking *

    "This program differs from Networking Research by supporting larger and/or more multidisciplinary projects; specialized hardware/software or networks for networking systems research; and mechanisms for developing research agendas and enhancing community development. Research projects supported by this program focus on networking issues and may include work from other disciplines of computer science and engineering - such as distributed systems, communications, operating systems, databases, software, signal processing, control theory and devices. Theoretical research activities address the next generation of networking and typically require small teams of researchers. Experimental research which demonstrates proofs of concept for novel networking ideas, may range in scope from laboratory experimentation to national collaborations." Deadline: 02/15/99.

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