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Below are some of mailing lists that deal with varied aspects of high speed networking. If you are aware of any others that should be listed here, please be sure to send them to us!

  • IPng Mailing List *

    The IPng working group is an IETF working group chartered to develop the next generation of the Internet Protocol.This mailing list is provided by Playground.Sun.Com, a server operated by the Internet Engineering group of SunSoft, a division of Sun Microsystems, Inc.

  • NaukaNet Listserver

    This listserver is a mailing list designed to help coordinate and communicate information concerning the joint US-Russian high performance Internet services program.

  • vBNS Mailing Lists *

    The Pittsburgh SuperComputing Center has provided information about 4 related mailing lists. They are: (1) vbns-notify (Connected Sites Notification), vbns-users (User Discussion), (3) vbns-techs (Technical Contacts List), (4) vtcc: vBNS Technical Coordination Committee. These lists are more aimed at vBNS at those directly involved in the vBNS project.

  • Cell-Relay Archives *

    Information and archives are presented from the University of Indiana for several mailing lists including "Cell Relay", ION (Internetworking over NBMA), IPATM (the archives - now merged with ION), MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching), and ROLC (Routing over Large Clouds).

  • Florida SUS Internet2 Discussion *

    Information about subscribing to this list can be found from Liszt.

  • NET.WORK.VIRGINIA Video Conferencing Discussion List *

    This list is used for all aspects of video conferencing in the state of Virginia's broadband ATM network.

  • STAR TAP Email Lists *

    Several mailing lists have been developed regarding STAR TAP. Some of these apply to specific initiatives such as Singapore and Germany.

  • [English] [Russian TRANS | KOI8 | ALT | WIN | MAC | ISO5]

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    Original proposal to the NSF

    You can read on-line the entire proposal submitted to the NSF on behalf of the US-Russian teams. This proposal was submitted under the NSF High Performance International Internet Services program. You can read the original RFP here.

    Please visit the NaukaNet proposal page for full proposal information.