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This page provides references to the development of NaukaNet (formerly MIRnet) through reports submitted monthly and quarterly to the National Science Foundation.

Quarterly Progress Reports

  • Quarterly Progress Report -- Q01 (July '98 - September '98)

  • Quarterly Progress Report -- Q02 (October '98 - December '98)

  • Quarterly Progress Report -- Q03 (January '99 - March '99)

  • Monthly Progress Reports

  • Monthly Progress Report - 1999-09 (September)

  • Monthly Progress Report - 1999-08 (August)

  • Monthly Progress Report - 1999-07 (July)

  • Monthly Progress Report - 1999-06 (June)

  • Monthly Progress Report - 1999-05 (May)

  • Monthly Progress Report - 1999-04 (April)

  • Monthly Progress Report - 1999-03 (March)

  • Monthly Progress Report - 1999-02 (February)

  • Monthly Progress Report - 1999-01 (January)

  • Monthly Progress Report - 1998-12 (December)

  • Monthly Progress Report - 1998-11 (November)

  • Monthly Progress Report - 1998-10 (October)

  • Monthly Progress Report - 1998-09 (September)

  • Monthly Progress Report - 1998-08 (August)

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    Funding for NaukaNet provided by the US National Science Foundation and the Ministry for Industry, Science and Technology of the Russian Federation. Telecommunications services are provided by Telia, Inc.

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    NaukaNet Project Activities

    Various NaukaNet information resources such as progress reports, performance statistics, information about meetings, working groups and others directly involved in the project, applications being used, specific engineering information, etc. are to be posted here.

    Please visit the Activities page for more information.