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NaukaNet hosted applications will be described here. A table is provided below describing the initial applications targeted when the NaukaNet (formerly NaukaNet) proposal was submitted to the US National Science Foundation. Please note: the applications listed below are only possible applications included in the original proposal submission. A more current listing of applications is available at: /friends/NaukaNet/mirnet.applications/.

HPIIS Proposed Institution

US Partner Institutions

Project/ Applications

Moscow State Aviation Institute (MAI)

Anatoly I. Boutko

Dr. Robert J. Santoro, Director
The Pennsylvania State University (PSU) Propulsion Engineering Research Center (PERC)

Studies on upgrade of OMS/RCS Engines for Space Applications; Usage of nontoxic propellants.

Data visualization, audio/video conferences.

Institute for High-Performance Computing and Databases (IHPC DB), Vuztelecomcenter (RUNNet), Center for Supercomputer Support of Chemical Research (FreeNet)

Alexander V. Bogdanov

The Institute for High-performance Computing and Data Bases (IHPCDB) was founded in St. Petersburg, Russia, in February 1996. With a planned staff of about 200 scientists and programmers and equipped with the most powerful supercomputers' cluster in Russia, the IHPCDB provides an opportunity to carry out the fundamental researches in accordance with the long-term programmes proposed by the Ministry of Science and Technology Policy as well as by the IHPCDB Scientific Council, and to meet current demands of both national and foreign scientific institutions, companies and firms for high performance computing.

J. Toole,
National Center for Supercomputing Applications, Illinois, USA

Distributed Computing; Computer clusters from heterogeneous platforms

High-Performance Distributed Computing, collaboratory conferencing

Central Economics and Mathematics Institute (CEMI RAS), Moscow

Leo Zabelishinsky

Barry W.Ickes
Pennsylvania State University

Economics of Transition, Case of Russia; Joint research in the field

Audio/video conferencing, high speed access to databases

Central Economics and Mathematics Institute (CEMI RAS), Moscow

Leo Zabelishinsky

Arie Segev
Judith Gebauer
Fisher Center for Management and Information Technologies,
University of California, Berkeley

Economics of Electronic Commerce; Interest expressed in both departments to begin collaboration/communication on regular basis

Audio/video conferencing; high speed access to databases

Prof. S. Kotz
Central Economics and Mathematics Institute (CEMI RAS), Moscow

Leo Zabelishinsky

Prof. A. Kagan
Department of Mathematics
College of Business and Management
University of Maryland,
Maryland, MD, 20742 USA

Business Forecasting and Modelling; Mathematical Statistics; Interest expressed in both organization to methods of statistical analysis and forecasting in business

Audio/video conferencing

Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS)
Center for Computational Chemistry
125047, Myusskaya pl. 4,
Moscow, Russia


Brookhaven National Laboratory, CRDF

The Center has been formed by The Higher Chemical College of the Russian Academy of Sciences, The Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and by The Karpov Institute of Physical Chemistry the State Research Center of Russian Federation. The Center provides to the chemical community an access to the excellent computing of the Keldysh Institute, to the standard semiempirical molecular dynamics visualisation codes, to the Original Quantum Chemistry codes developed in the Laboratory of Quantum Chemistry and Statistical Physics of the Karpov Institute.

Data visualization, collaboratory conferencing

Dr. Sci. Andrej S. Mendkovich
FREEnet NOC at N.D.Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry (IOC)

Prof. E. Krentsel
University of Missouri

Broadband Telecommunication Technologies for distributed and Distant Learning and Technolgy Transfer; Development of validated configurations for various classes of CSCW applications based on ATM as well as methodical approach for their use for learning and technology transfer.

CSCW applications including audio- and video-conferencing

Center for New Information Technologies of Ministry of Education of Russia (Center Informika)

Yuri L. Izhvanov

E. D. Goodman, C. W. Kaufman
Michigan State University

P. A. Thomas
State University of New York

Distance Education, ViewNet and NewTeams Networks; Interest/desire expressed in all institutions mentioned to begin teaching courses, and to fulfil common CAD/CAM projects on regular basis.

Distance Education, Distributed CAD/CAM systems (audio/video conferencing, internet access to CAD/CAM systems)

Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics (ITEP)


Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab)

Joint Physics Experiments

Data visualization and audio/video conferences

International Scientific Computer Network RUHEP/Radio-MSU

Moscow State University,
Dr. S. F. Berezhnev

Russian Academy of Science,
Acad. A. N. Skrinsky

George Ermakov

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory

Brookhaven National Laboratory

Stanford Linear Accelerator Center

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

University of Notre Dame

Indiana University

Northwestern University

University of Massachusetts


Telecommunications for Experimental High Energy Physics; Collaboration between American and Russian research centers in high energy physics and fundamental nuclear physics.

Experimental data transfer within the framework of the collaboration, video conferencing.

Moscow State Technology University "Stankin" (MSTU "Stankin")

Maksim V. Sutjagin

K. Thompson,
Corporate Learning Systems International Inc./Authorized Representative of Wilson Learning Corporation

J. Munson,
University of Idaho

P. Kiselev,
Harvard University

M. Moor,
The American Center for the Study of Distance Education

Engineering Distance Education, Software and Hardware Certification, Ecology and Safety of Activity, Electronic Library; Interest/desire expressed in same departments to begin teaching courses and conducting lecture/symposia on regular basis, software and hardware certification and research in the field of ecology and safety of activity, working with electronic libraries in universities of USA

Distance Education (audio/video conferencing)

Mirror Web-server with universities of USA, Electronic Library, Electronic Magazine

NOTE: MSTU "Stankin" have specialists with high-skilled experience for creation and support of high-speed communication channel and essential hardware

Moscow State Aviation Institute (MAI)

Anatoly I. Boutko"

Wayne Thor,
Head of flying quality section,
Flight Control Division,
Wright Laboratory,
Wright Patterson USAF

New Generation of Aircraft; Development of flying qualities criteria for prediction of flying qualities and aircraft-pilot coupling problem for new generation of aircraft.

Visualization of experiment results in the form of pictures, audio/video conferences.

Bauman Moscow State Technical University (BMSTU)

Alexander Kondratiev

University of Illinois

Distance Education and Research Laboratories; Collaborative works by engineers training, experimental results exchange.

Distance Education (audio/video conferencing), Virtual laboratories based on World Wide Web technology

Akad. Eric Galimov
Misha Nasarov
Natasha Khisina
Sasha Barsikevsky
Vernadsky Institute of Geochemistry in Moscow

Dr. Larry Taylor
Geological Sciences
The University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Petrogenesis of Planetary Crusts and Mantles, researching lunar samples from US Apollo and Russian LUNA missions.

Image transfer, remote sensing

Kurchatov Institute, Moscow
V. G. Gnedenko
Moscow Engineering and Physics Institute (MEPHI)

Howard Kerr, Mike Ehringer
Center for International Security Affairs
Lockheed-Martin Energy Research (LMER)/Oak Ridge National Laboratory

U.S. Russian Nuclear Materials Protection, Control, and Accounting Program and

MEPHI-based Graduate program in Materials Protection, Control, and Accounting

Distance education; multi-point collaboratory conferencing

Note: program would involve sharing Moscow-based curriculum and training materials with U.S. colleagues/students.

Nikolai Sobolev
Dr. Nikolai Pokhilenk
Dr. Kim Argunov
Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow;
Russian Academy of Sciences in Novosibirsk;
Diamond Treasury of Yakutsk

Dr. Larry Taylor
Geological Sciences
The University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Diamond Genesis and the Nature of the Earth's Mantle, NSF-sponsored US/Russia cooperative program

Shared visualization and modeling, remote instrumentation, large data sets, collaboratory conferencing

Note: initially, data will have to be transferred/shared from Moscow-based scientists; but NaukaNet's extension to Novosibirsk will enable direct participation from this important scientific center

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