Those who write clearly have readers, those who write obscurely have commentators. - Camus

       THE  POET

The bard, when asks of him Apollo
No sacred offering, is deep
In worldly cares ere long and follows
A dismal road: dark, numbing sleep
His soul embraces; no sound reaches
Us from his lyre - mute does it rest;
Of all earth's mean and paltry creatures
He is perhaps the paltriest.

But lo!- the good god's voice his ear
Has reached, and from his torpor parted
Is he, his soul an eagle startled
And on the wing. Our pleasures drear
Now seem to him; so too does idle
And petty talk. He'll not his head

Bow in obeisance to an idol,
The darling of the herd. Instead,
Full of sweet sounds, in wild confusion
Of heart, to distant, lonely seas
That lick at empty shores he flees,
In windswept forests seeks seclusion...


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