A book is a mirror; if an ass peers into it you can't expect an apostle to look out. - Lichtenberg


 O wondrous moment! There before me,
 A radiant, fleeting dream, you stood,
 A vision fancy fashioned for me,
 A glimpse of perfect womanhood.

 Through all life's sadness, all its wonted
 And hopeless flurry and unrest
 Your lovely face my spirit haunted,
 Your tender voice my ear caressed.

 Swift storms struck; o'er me wrathful breaking,
 They fast dispelled the dreams of yore.
 Your image blurred, my heart forsaking,
 Your voice caressed my ear no more.

 In cold and gloomy isolation
 The years sped by, the lonely years,
 'Thout deity, 'thout inspiration,
 Bereft of life and love and tears.

 And then - O bliss!- time's flight defeating,
 You came again and 'fore me stood,
 A vision radiant and fleeting,
 A glimpse of perfect womanhood.

 My heart is filled with sweet elation,
 Anew  it craves, anew reveres,
 And is awake to inspiration,
 Awake to life and love and tears.


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