The novel is the highest example of subtle interrelatedness that man has discovered. - D.H. Lawrence

When comes a gentle breeze...


When comes a gentle breeze and sways the yellowing
And, startled by its sigh, the green woods stir and hum;
When, in a garden nook, a young leaf's dulcet shadow
From summer's greedy ray conceals a blushing plum;

When, sprayed by perfumed dewdrops, of a chilly,
Rose-tinted, dreamy night or after dawn, at me
From 'neath an emerald bush the tender lily
Its tiny, silver head nods cheerily;

When plays an icy spring and o'er the gully dances,
And I can feel my thought to hazy dreams succumb
Born of its soft-voiced babbling, when romances
It spins of peaceful lands whence it has come -

Then does my lined brow clear; the lingering sadness
That fills my troubled heart leaves it at long last free;
Above me, in the skies, God do I see;
On earth, know rich, rewarding gladness.


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