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A cossack lullaby


Sleep, my darling, sleep, my baby,
   Close your eyes and sleep.
Darkness comes; into your cradle
   Moonbeams shyly peep.
Many pretty songs I'll sing you
   And a lullaby.
Pleasant dreams the night will bring you....
   Sleep, dear, rock-a-bye.

Muddy waters churn in anger,
   Loud the Terek roars,
And a Chechen with a dagger
   Leaps onto the shore.
Steeled your father is in gory
   Battle.... You and I,
Little one, we need not worry... .
   Sleep, dear, rock-a-bye.

There will come a day when boldly,
   Like your dad, my son,
You will mount your horse and shoulder,
   Proud, a Cossack gun.
With bright silks your saddle for you
   I will sew.... There lie
Roads as yet untrod before you....
   Sleep, dear, rock-a-bye.

You'll grow up to be a fearless
   Cossack, and a true.
Off you'll ride, and I'll stand tearless,
   Looking after you.
But when you are gone from sight, son,
   Bitterly I'll cry....
May the dreams you dream be light, son;
   Sleep, dear, rock-a-bye.
Thoughts of you when we are parted
   All my days will fill.
In the nighttime, anxious-hearted,
   Pray for you I will.
I'll be thinking that you're lonely,
   That for home you sigh....
Sleep, my son, my one and only,
   Sleep, dear, rock-a-bye.

I will see you to the turning,
   And you'll ride away.
With my icon you will journey
   And before it pray.
Let your thoughts in time of danger
   To your mother fly.
Close your eyes and sleep, my angel,
   Sleep, dear, rock-a-bye.


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