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Women's Issues

It is easier to love humanity than to love one's neighbor. - Eric Hoffer

  • AWSE - Association of Women in Science and Education *

    The support of "women in their selfless and restless work in science and education in favor of Future of Russia, our children and grandchildren" is the goal of this nonprofit organization. This is done by uniting the devoted women in these fields and providing them a number of services and resources.

  • OWL - Open Women's Line *

    This program's goals are the following: "the creation of Russian social - information site for women on Internet; expansion of easy access for women to new information resources; development of information exchanges between women's organizations in Russia and abroad". "Woman Plus", a Russian feminist magazine, with articles in Russian and English, is a highlight of this site.

  • Global Fund for Women *

    Established in 1987, this international grantmaking organization focuses on rights for women and provide funds for groups that are committed to women's well-being and full participation in society, encourage increased support worldwide for women's programs, provide leadership in promoting the importance of women's participation internationally and, give support to women's groups working on issues that are considered, emerging, controversial, or difficult. As is the only US-based organization that exclusively supports international women's rights, issues supported include literacy, domestic violence, economic autonomy, telecommunications and media, the international trafficking of women, all the while heightening awareness of their needs and strengths.

  • Russian Feminism Resources *

    Elena Leonoff's spectacular bilingual site offers a large collection of information resources by and for women in Russia (and other countries in East and Central Europe) and their independent grass-roots feminism development. Included are links to women's organizations, pertinent news items, health and political information, literature and art by Russian women worldwide, individual homepages, email listservers and other resources that highlight the advancement of women in Russia.

  • Russian Web Girls *

    One of the most attractive sites on the Web. This site highlights ".. Russian women who are creativly involved and aim to help them achieve the new paradigm through a virtual club, which offers interaction, internet services and a camaraderie with people all over the world."

  • Network of East-West Women *

    Founded in 1990, NEWW links women all types of women in over 40 countries who work in together with the goal of supporting the development of independent women's movements and to "promote tolerance, democracy, non-violence, health and respect for the institutions of a civil society". They also have a Russian WWW site.

  • WomensNet *

    As a part of the nonprofit Institute for Global Communication, WomensNet supports women's organizations worldwide on the WWW by providing and adapting telecommunications technology to enhance their work. Information on the many issues confronting women worldwide are presented.

  • Women, Politics, and Environmental Action Symposia

    Dr. Welling Hall has prepared a complete conference proceedings from this symposia held in Moscow in June, 1994.

  • Association of Women in Slavic Studies *

    "A non-profit organization which aims to promote the interests of women in the field."

  • March 8 - history, events, actions *

    This email message from the International Women's Tribune Centre provides a short history of the beginnings of this observation early in the 20th century and the focus of the 1998 observation for women in Afghanistan.

  • Women, Politics, and Environmental Action

    Dr. Welling Hall has prepared a complete electronic conference proceedings from this symposia held in Moscow in June, 1994.

  • Please let us know of additional resources.

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