Na kryl'yah vremeni unositsya pechal'. - ZHan de Lafonten

V zhizni kazhdyj dolzhen sovershat' svoi sobstvennye oshibki. - Agata Kristi

Nizhe privedeny ssylki na istochniki s informatsiej o razlichnyh sportivnyh sorevnovaniyah. Kogda v 1988 godu nachalas' zimnyaya olimpiada v Nagano, my organizovali novuyu Olimpijskuyu Dosku Ob'yavlenij dlya vseh novostej, voprosov, diskussij o sporte.

  • SportsLine WorldWide - Russia *

    Na etoj stranitse predstavleny rossijskie sportivnye novosti.

  • Figure Skating at Nagano Winter Olympics *

    Includes articles and reports on Russian figure skaters whose performances have often dominated the competition.

  • Pavel Bure Fan Club Online *

    This indepth site is dedicated to the great Russian hockey player, captain of the Russian Olympic hockey team, and NHL Hockey player, Pavel Bure.

  • The Great Outdoors

    In the US when people want to camp, hike, fish, explore caves or participate in other outdoor recreational activities that involve nature, they sometimes use the phrase "getting back to nature". Here we will list some resources about some of these hobbies that are of that are of interest to those everywhere who enjoy being out of doors.

  • Rotor Volgograd *

    Lots of information is provided about this soccer team that has been in existence since 1930.

  • Togliatty Martial-Art Wing-Chun Kung-Fu Federation *

    This form of Kung Fu is presented in both English and Russian by Igor Miroshnichenko.

  • Kremlin Cup - Moscow, Russia *

    Tennis in Russia and this tournament are discussed in Russian only.

  • Kazakstan Football (Soccer) by Alexander E. Lyakhov *

    This site contains information about soccer in Kazakstan. It features the Kazakstan National Team, the Championship of Kazakstan, the Cup of Kazakstan, and Asian Club Cups.

  • The Unofficial Russian Figure Skating Page *

    Information on Russian skaters and competitions.

  • Russian Basketball *

    This site contains information about Russian basketball. The information covers both Men's and Women's basketball, and is divided up by league and division. The site is available in both Russian and English.

  • Spartak Hockey Club, Moscow *

    This site contains news, statistics, and photographs about the Russian hockey club Sparta. The site also offers information about the team and a question-and-answer forum. This site is in Russian only.

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