Жизнь долга, если она полна... Будем измерять ее поступками, а не временем. - Сенека

Часто из за религии ссорились те,кто никогда не был верующим. - Franklin

Ниже приведены ссылки на информационные источники, описывающие историю и религиозные обычаи в России/СНГ. Большинство информационных источников посвящено Православию, но мы постарались подобрать информацию о других конфессиях и религиях в странах бывшего СССР.




  • Государственный Музей Религии *

  • Календарь Православной Церкви *

    На сайте дано описание истории и разъяснение разницы между ""старым"" и ""новым"" календарями, и почему Православная Церковь пользуется до сих пор юлианским календарем.

  • Религия *

    Дуглас Хартман собрал воедино список источников информации о Православной религии в России.

  • Russian-Orthodox/Net *

    This site describes the background joint projects and initiatives pursued by the Episcopal Diocese of New York and the Russian Orthodox Patriarchate in Moscow. In addition, there is an abundance of information about the Russian Orthodox church.

  • Russian Orthodox Centre *

    This site is in Russian only and is the information and publishing center of the Russian Orthodox faith.

  • Cathedral of Christ the Savior *

    Andrey Sebrant has provided photos and this history of this Moscow church with a "long and complicated history."

  • Links to Russian Orthodox Church Abroad (ROCOR) Web Pages *

    Several links to other Russian Orthodox Church sites abroad.

  • St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church, Chisholm, Minnesota *

    In addition to specific information about this church, there are icons, prayers and other related resources to the Russian Orthodox Church.

  • Krestny Khod *

    Edward Opp has put together photos and text about this 600 year old Russian Orthodox procession that takes place every June 3.

  • Russian Orthodoxy and Her Traditions *

    This site gives a brief description with several beautiful graphics of churches and icons. The site is in Russian, English, and German.

  • Eastern Orthodox Church ~ Home *

    Joint initiative (it appears) by the Ecumenical Patriarchate of West Central Florida and Ukrainian Orthodox Monastery of the Holy Prophet St. Elijah.

  • Church of the Veil of Our Blessed Mother, Moscow *

    Photos of this church builit in 1697 outside Moscow and of the Ephipheny holiday on January 19, 1997. (Russian version)

  • A Russian Orthodox Christian Community - St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church *

    St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church is in Dallas Texas. Attractive and informative site about the church, lots of information about Russian Orthodoxy, and pointers to other Orthodox resources on the Net.

  • Russian Orthodox Church *

    The official site of the Moscow Patriarchate provides a well written history and state of the church today, news and events, relations and more.

  • Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia *

    The Synod of Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia site provides a wealth of information regarding the Russian Orthodox Church abroad including its mission, history, organization, and a complete parish directory.

  • Другие ресурсы

  • Государственный Музей Религии *

  • Религиозные организации в Москве *

    Список религиозных организаций Москвы с адресами и контактной информацией.

  • Mountain Jews *

    This site is about a group who call themselves Juurho, (also known as "Mountain Jews", or, sometimes "Tats") who live mostly in the Northern Caucasus, along the west cost of Caspian Sea in Dagestan, Georgia or Azerbaijan. A history of these people is provided, along with information about the region.

  • United Methodist Church in Russia *

    This page, from the unofficial United Methodist Church Page, provides some information about the Methodist church in Russia, focusing on Uylavansk and St. Petersburg.

  • FsuMonitor.com *

    A project of the Union of Councils for Soviet Jews (UCSJ), this site provides news, opinions and advocacy of the Jewish faith in the countries of the former Soviet Union.

  • Russian-Jews *

    This site is contains information on the Russian-Jews or Russian-Torah mailing lists, organizations that work with Russian-Jews, mail-order books in Russian, Russian tours in Israel and the Russian-Jews archives.

  • International Russian Radio/TV *

    Weekly Christian television and radio programming is made available to those in the former Soviet Union.

  • Beyond the Pale: The History of Jews in Russia *

    This site is an online version of an original exhibit that has toured Russia since 1995. The purpose of this exhibit about the history of Jews in Europe and in Russia has been put together to help understand their life, religion and culture, the adversities they faced and to present the dangers of intolerance.

  • Moscow Choral Synagogue *

    Photos, an interesting history, links and other information is provided about this synagogue that was built in 1891.

  • Пожалуйста,дайте нам знать о дополнительных инфрмационных источниках.

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