To get rid of an enemy, one must love him. - Leo Tolstoy
Learn About Life in Russia/NIS

Forty is the old age of youth; fifty, the youth of old age. - Victor Hugo

  • Andrey and Masha Sebrant's Moscow Life

    Andrey and Masha maintain the "Moscow Life" section which provides a monthly series on life with their family and community. If any one section can be considered the real heart of Friends and Partners, this is it!

  • Friends & Partners Bulletin Board: Life in Russia, America, World *

    This is part of the F&P Bulletin Board for discussion of various US/Russia/NIS issues and is provided for general discussion of the differences (and similarities) in our lifestyles, families, cultures, traditions . . Please come and participate in a discussion - or start a new one.

  • Holidays and Celebrations in Russia and the NIS

    Discover the holidays and celebrations that are uniquely observed in Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union.

  • Network of East-West Women *

    Founded in 1990, NEWW links women all types of women in over 40 countries who work in together with the goal of supporting the development of independent women's movements and to "promote tolerance, democracy, non-violence, health and respect for the institutions of a civil society". They also have a Russian WWW site.

  • Religion in Russia/NIS

    The history of the religion is a fascinating one and as the second largest faith in the world, the Orthdoxy region is an interesting one.

  • Siberia: Culture - Economy - Business *

    Siberia, one of the largest and often most misunderstood regions of Russia. Information about this emerging "lost" region collected on the new server contains social, cultural, historical, geographical, business and economic facts.

  • Silhouettes of the Past. Winter Spirit *

    "A tribute to Russian artists - magazine illustrators - of the so called Silver Age (outstanding epoch in Russian arts and literature that enlightened the beginning of XXth century). A collection of animated silhouettes based on illustrations from the most popular magazines of last years of Russian Empire - "Niva" and "Vsemirnaya Illustraciya". Background music themes correspond to tunes traditionally performed at winter fairs of those times." One of the most nicely done multi-media presentations we've seen on the 'Net!

  • St. Petersburg Web *

    An extremely large variety of information and links on this server includes culture, travel, business, homepages of residents, photos and local news.

  • Please let us know of additional resources.

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