Будь вежлив со всеми, общителен со многими, фамильярен с некоторыми. - Б. Франклин

Говорить кстати лучше, нежели говорить красиво. - Б. Гарсиан

An Irish national and religous holiday, this is a day (although not a national holiday) that is also highly observed in the United States by a number of activities and traditions including parades, the wearing of green clothing, the drinking of green beer and the singing of Irish folk songs such as "Danny Boy". Named after St. Patrick, who, among other accomplishments, was known to have driven the snakes from Ireland, the shamrock also has an interesting legend behind it. Visit the resources below to find out more about this holiday celebrated on March 17th that is recognized by Americans whether or not they are of Irish ancestory.

  • Irish Recipes and Links for St. Patrick's Day *

    Food and drink are a big part of celebrating this day and the Mining Company provides lots of good recipes for this!

  • A Wee Bit O' Fun *

    Facts, traditions and other interesting information about this holiday are presented.

  • St. Patrick's Day *

    Along with the legend of St. Patrick and of the shamrock, this site from Ireland provides lots of links to parades, pubs and other sites.

  • St. Patrick's Day - Case Studies *

    An article by Dan Case about the celebrating of St. Patrick's Day in America.

  • Will the Real St. Patrick Please Stand Up *

    Taken mostly from St. Patrick's autobiography "Confession", Ralph Wilson has written about the life of this saint.

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