Fear of life in one form or another is the great thing to exorcise. - William James

The burnt child shuns the fire until the next day. - Mark Twain


  • GourmetSpot *

    Many types of food, recipes, drinks, magazines and newspapers all comprise this great cooking site.

  • SOAR: Searchable Online Archive of Recipes *

    This large database contains over 38,500 recipes. These are categorized by different foods including Russian and Russian.

  • The Recipes Folder! *

    Attention vegetarians and meat eaters! Lots of recipes and a section on "Matters of Vegetarian Interest."

  • BosDeli *

    Russian owned BosDeli WWW server at MIT

  • Back Pages: Food and Drink *

    A collection of resources provided from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

  • World In Your Kitchen-Recipe of the Week *

    Each week they feature a different guest recipe and the cook has the option of including any info about her/himself: favorite foods, hobbies, web address, etc.

  • Healthy Eating

    Healthy Ideas' Healthy Cooking *

    Electronic Magazines

  • Epicurious: Food, Drink Cooking & Recipes *

    "Epicurious Food's Recipe File puts over 6,500 recipes from Bon Apptit and Gourmet at your fingertips alongside wine tips, restaurant and book notes and practical kitchen tips" and more.

  • Electronic Gourmet Guide *

    Has lots of links and covers a number of kinds of foods and drinks.

  • Wine

  • USERNET Wine FAQ *

    Links to numerous resources on wine.

  • Beer

  • The Real Beer Page *

    "Everything you could ever want to know about craft-beer can be found here, and more!"

  • Eric's Beer and Homebrewing Page *

    A wondeful collection of American and other world wide beer servers.

  • Coffee & Teas

  • Natasha's Cafe *

    Coffee, coffee, and more coffee!

  • Restaurants

  • NetDiners Area Restaurant Guide *

    If you plan to go and eat out, you might want consult with this guide. It is very interactive and covers a large number of US cities plus Tokyo with thousands of restaurants listed and reviewed by visitors.

  • Pizza Hut *

    Now you can order a pizza from Pizza Hut world wide restaurant chain. Do not hesitate. If they would be 2 hours late to deliver your Pizza-Pizza, you may have it for free.

  • Please let us know of additional resources.

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