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Amie Bartlett ab2452@appstate.edu Sun Feb 9 19:15:44 EST 1997

If you have any wonderful Russian recipes, please send them to me asap. We are doing a foods project and Russian is our theme! Thanks!

Barry Richwine richwine@feist.com Fri Jan 17 20:21:00 EST 1997

I continue to search for a wonderful red beans and rice recipe. I've tried many, but have always liked the version that a commercial company called Popeye's Fried Chicken makes. I want to be able to make BIG batches of red beans and rice that taste like that. Unfortunately, it's one of those "secret recipes", and I wouldn't know where to start to get it. I tried "dissecting" a batch one time, and the only thing I noticed was that it had a slight hint of "bean with bacon" taste to it, just a little, and the rest was really hard to figure. Does anyone out there either know what the secret recipe is (it's okay, I would not squeal on you if you had the inside and shared it, because it's really a recipe that would truly enhance my life, or perhaps you have a similar recipe, one you might call "really great" that I might try. Funny how once you latch onto a great flavor, you go to lengths to find it again. I like this sight, and some of the things others have to say. I'll be back, you're in my bookmarks.

Laura/Canada lchilds@accel.net Thu Jan 2 03:15:13 EST 1997

Looking for a French/Canadian Dish named "Tortierre" aka Pork Pie...as well as a recipe for a home made version of Swiss Chalet(tm) Chicken Sauce

John Doyle jdoyle@mindspring.com Fri Dec 13 13:21:41 EST 1996

Laura and I are looking for a receipe for plain ole Applesauce. We'd prefer to know how to make it using a crockpot, if possible. Thanks!

Monica Schalock schalockm@macnet.com Sat Nov 23 19:52:46 EST 1996

In November, we celebrate a holiday called Thanksgiving in the USA. It is a time when we remember how our ancestors survived the first winters in the new world with the help of the native Americans who already lived there. Traditionally, a turkey is cooked along with a bread stuffing. Pumpkin pies are a favorite dessert with this meal. If anyone would like recipes and information about Thanksgiving meals, send me a note.

I would enjoy hearing about Thanksgiving-type of holidays in other countries. What are your country's traditional holiday recipes?

Kim Huncherick Hunch@sprynet.com Fri Oct 18 08:25:37 EDT 1996

I will soon be leaving for Russia and would like to know what kind of food to expect to be served there. I will be spending a week in Vladimir, any other information on that area would be greatly appreciated.

Paula Shelly shelly@volen.brandeis.edu Tue Oct 8 17:02:45 EDT 1996

I am interested in obtaining some Bulgarian recipes, if you know of any please foreward to my email address. Thanks!

Glenda Acker Rogers gar929@mail.idt.net Thu Sep 19 09:42:25 EDT 1996

I'm getting married next week, so I don't have time to do much in the kitchen -- I work full time, too. But I still enjoy this site!

sarah sarah@netmart.com Wed Sep 11 14:05:11 EDT 1996

Hi I am an Israeli woman who loves to make dishes from every country. I especially love chinese, and japanese dishes. I love to experiment, thank goodness my husband does'nt mind. Also I have plenty of recipes, and I would be happy to oblige any requests that I can, and I would love to recieve any recipes that one would like to share. Thank you.

Marina Isaksson-Raouafi robert@it-tek.boras.eductus.se Fri Aug 23 09:09:20 EDT 1996

Hello! IДm a Swedish woman. I wonder if someone have any Tunisian recipes to share with me? Please send them to me ! Thank you!

Marcy K Kolasa@trib.infi.net Mon Aug 19 09:23:42 EDT 1996

Hello! I am putting together a Polish American cookbook if anyone has a unique receipe please e-mail me or if some one want ones maybe I can help. If you read any magazine I think Eastern European cusine has been ignored all they have Is Itlaian or Tex-Mex Lets celbrate the food and tradions of Eastern Europe

PAUL BAKER paul@primebak.demon.co.uk Fri Aug 9 12:06:43 EDT 1996

Please forward any ideas for world cuisine breads. I'm compiling a file on world breads and need diverse recipes for it. However any ideas on yeast breads, baguette type products etc. would be greatly appreciated. I'll share any good recipes that I get and update this site with any outstanding ones. Thanx.

Edith Martin dande@cdsnet.net Wed Aug 7 02:33:06 EDT 1996

Our garden club will celebrate an Early American Christmas. What did our pioneer fathers and mothers cook? What did they cook on a wagon train with such limited supplies?

Myra Caldwell mkcaldw@csra.net Thu Jun 13 22:13:35 EDT 1996

Each Christmas Eve, I have family and friends over for a dinner after our Christmas Eve Service. It has become a custom to serve food from a different country each year. This year I would like to serve a traditional Greek meal. I would appreciate some recipes and also ideas for decorations. Thank you

Katharine Charlotte Leitch dleitch@ozemail.com.au Sun May 26 07:41:43 EDT 1996

I need a good MOIST recipie for a chocolate/mud cake, could you send me one? Here is a poem I heard: Green grocers Love Song Do you care for me? My heart beets for you With yor turnip nose, and raddish face. If we canteloupe, lettuce marry. Weed make a swell pare.

Please send me any interesting recipies, Thank you.

Karin Uyldert uyldert@bio.vu.nl Tue May 21 07:41:32 EDT 1996

Who can tell me everything about green tea? It is supposed to be healthier than normal tea. Why.

Kathy Thompson thomp022@mc.duke.edu Mon Apr 22 08:30:49 EDT 1996

My 13 year old daughter's class is studying Japan; it's customs, cuisine, etc. As part of a class project, each child is asked to prepare part of an authentic Japanese meal. We have signed up to prepare some type of meat; however, I do not have any recipes for Japanese food. CAN YOU HELP? I need an item that 12 and 13 year olds would enjoy one that is easy and relatively inexpensive to prepare.

Debbie/New Jersey Int:csionline.com Fri Apr 19 06:54:21 EDT 1996

We have to ask to get our groceries loaded in the car but in Florida, they automatically load them.

Dori Van Watermeulen vanwater@ix.netcom.com Fri Apr 12 04:00:34 EDT 1996

I am requesting "Belgian recipes" that might be typical of a Christmas family gathering. I hoped to find Belgian recipes from my husband's "Van Watermeulen, Saelens, DeCock" ancestors, but have discovered that the great-grandmother who in 1902 immigrated from Maldegem, East Flanders of Belgium to this country COULD NOT read or write.

I'm hoping you most-qualified cooks can share your notoriously scrumptious Belgian recipes !!

In the spirit of culinary adventures - Dori

Kitty Hailey ch16954@appstate.edu Wed Apr 10 20:05:43 EDT 1996

I'm not sure I have ever eaten any real Russian food except Chicken Kiev. Is that a real Russian dish? I have had Russian Caveoir(spelling?) I would love a receip for a easy and quick dish that a twelve year old would like. Make sure Ican get the ingredients.

Sasha Ovchinnikov sasha@solar.ncsa.uiuc.edu Fri Mar 8 14:57:24 EST 1996

I like American cooking. The best part of it, it is how easy I can get everything that I need. I don't even have to carry heavy grocery packages, somebody always load them in the trunk of my car. I just love it !!! And if you are a Russian women, you fully understand that.

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