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In the US when people want to camp, hike, fish, explore caves or participate in other outdoor recreational activities that involve nature, they sometimes use the phrase "getting back to nature". Here we will list some resources about some of these hobbies that are of interest to those everywhere. These resources won't include team or other regimented sports activities which can be found on our Sports page of Friends and Partners.

  • Russian Nature Reserve Expeditions *

    Russian Nature Reserve Expeditions specializes in educational programs to ecologically protected areas throughout Russia. Due to the critical state of the Nature of Russia and Her Reserves, Preserves and National Parks, RNRE has been formed for the purpose of helping to inform and educate the general public. Additionally, RNRE consults governments, companies and non-profit organizations on educationally-based ecotourism and biodiversity.

  • Fotografii dikoj prirody Sibiri i TSentral'noj Azii *

    Oleg Kosterin sdelal i razmestil v Internet bolee 400 fotografij dikoj prirody, rastenij i nasekomyh Sibiri. (russkoe zerkalo)

  • Podvodnoe plavanie *

    Na sajte opisyvayutsya vozmozhnosti dlya podvodnogo plavaniya v Ladozhskom ozere i rossijskoj chasti Finskogo zaliva.

  • Climber's club. Novokuznetsk.Russia *

    This site provides fascinating stories and photographs of mountain-climbing expeditions throughout Russia. It also provides a list of links to other sites relating to mountain-climbing. This site is available in Russian only.

  • Russian SpeleoInfoCentre Main Page *

    This site covers an international event of "caving" in the former Soviet Union including the collection of collecting of information about caves, caving, and karst sciences and the distribution of of this information through a variety of means.

  • VELOtempo *

    This electronic magazine is the first biking magazine devoted entirely to Russia.

  • Mountain Club of the Institute of Applied Physics, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia *

    "A non-professional organization which unites climbers and mountain fans mainly from IAP RAS and some other institutions of Nizhny Novgorod."

  • Fishing Club: Fishing in Russia *

    Offers lots of information about fishing in Russia. You can even join the Russian Internet Fishing Club.

  • RISK Online *

    Founded by Liana Darenskaya, this is the only russian online outdoor journal. Focusing mainly on climbing, mountaineering, skydiving and extreme skiing they publish information on outdoor life in Russia, mountain regions of ex-USSR, events, climbers, projects and expeditions.

  • Hang Gliding Club of Moscow Aviation Institute *

    From one of the leading clubs in Russia. Members take part in many international competitions.

  • Ekaterinburg Yacht Club, Yava - Trophy *

    Revisit a few of the Yava Trophy sailboat races and get information on the 1998 Open Russian Match-Race Series.

  • Russian Alpine Ski Club *

    This site contains SnowSkiing resources including announcements, news, general skiing information, a bulletin board, and contact information. The site is available in Russian only.

  • Andrey's Travel Page - Russian Backcountry *

    Written by Andrey Sebrant, who maintains our "Moscow Life" section, this site allows you to go along on trips to the breathtaking Russian backcountry with Andrey and his family.

  • Please let us know of additional resources.

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