A tablecloth restaurant is still one of the great rewards of civilization. - Harry Golden

This section will explore how those in America, Russia and other countries of the NIS like to relax and spend their free time. We are sure to discover that we have many similiarities in this area but also some differences, which may open up a whole new world of interests for each other.

We won't focus so much on the areas that are already covered in other areas of Friends and Partners such as Culture, Sports, and Cooking, but on other such as Astrology, different forms of transportation, etc.

  • Amateur Radio in Russia *

    This page presents resources for clubs and individuals who "talk" to or from Russia via radios.

  • Animal Lovers

    This page is dedicated to those who have a love of animals, from "man's best friend", the dog, to cats, horses, or any other animal that we have learned to live with on this earth.

  • Astrology

    This section will explore the interest in and the science of Astrology.

  • Marka Publishing and Trading Centre *

    This company issues Russian collectors' stamps, a magazine that covers this subject, postcards, envelopes, etc. and participates in many shows.

  • Planes, Trains & Automobiles

    This section will explore the wide range of hobbiest interest in collecting, racing, history, etc. of airplanes, trains, automobiles, motorcycles and other forms of transportation.

  • The Great Outdoors

    In the US when people want to camp, hike, fish, explore caves or participate in other outdoor recreational activities that involve nature, they sometimes use the phrase "getting back to nature". Here we will list some resources about some of these hobbies that are of that are of interest to those everywhere who enjoy being out of doors.

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