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Etot razdel posvyaschen takomu hobbi, kak kollektsionirovanie, sorevnovaniya, istoriya i t.d. samoletov, poezdov, avtomobilej, mototsiklov, i prochih transportnyh sredstv.

Avtomobili i mototsikly

  • Avtomobili v Rossii *

    Istoriya avtomobilej v Rossii.

  • 5 KOLESO (Fifth Wheel) *

    This St. Petersburg, Russia automotive magazine has a circulation of over 50,000 and contains a wealth of Russian automotive information on their website.

  • Autoclub *

    This site contains an enormous amount of links about automobile shows, races, organizations, competitions, conferences, etc...

  • Moscow Museum Oldtimer *

    This is the first museum of classics, antique, veteran cars, trucks and motorcycles in Moscow. There is a large amount of information here including a link to the antique automobiles and motorcycles club, "RETROMOTOR".

  • AutoRoads Users Guild *

    The AutoRoads Users Guild site presents several resources pertaining to automobile ownership, maintenance, and traffic concerns in Russia.

  • Avtopilot Online *

    As one of the largest monthly car magazines in Russia, it targets the middle class car enthusiast with a variety of auto related subjects.

  • Timur's Automobile Site *

    This page was put together by Timur Kadyshev and is full of automobile related sites - inculding Russian car makers, Russian car enthusiast sites plus much, much more. He has developed Russian and English languages pages which differ somewhat.

  • Autoracing In Russia *

    This site contains pictures of Russian Autoracing events.

  • Cars@Web - Automobiles Magazine *

    This magazine for the car owner and lover is in Russian only.

  • Samolety i vertolety

  • Russian Aviation Page *

    This site presents an incredible amount of information for the enthusiast on aviation in Russia including a newsletter, museums, video clips, a FAQ and much, much more.

  • A Bridge of Wings *

    Follow Nikki Mitchell and Rhonda Miles of the US while they retrace the 1938 Russian flight of "Rodina" made 60 years ago when three Russian women (Valentina Grizodubova, Paulina Ossipenko and Marina Raskova) made aviation history with their non-stop flight from Moscow to the southeastern tip of Siberia.

  • Poezda

  • K-Photo: ZHeleznodorozhnaya stranitsa *

    Fotografii poezdov i zheleznodorozhnyh stantsij v rajone Pskova, sdelannye Konstantinom Voschenovym.

  • Steam Engine "IS" *

    Every aspect of the Russian Railroad is covered in this great website including history, definitions, photos, maps, news, different systems, a mailing list and even a listing of railroad songs!

  • Circumbaikal Railway *

    Whether or not railways is of interest, this page about the railway in Eastern Siberia will be found fascinating because of the history of the railway and the effect it had on this area.

  • Prochie transportnye sredstva

  • Glaister: Cruising in Russia *

    The Glaister's have documented their trip to Russia in 1996 by yacht and have provided an abundance of information that will prove necessary for those who may wish to participate in "Cruising to Russia".

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