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Find Your Roots: Genealogy

Whoever serves his country well has no need of ancestors. - Voltaire

With the emergence of the Internet, searching for one's "roots" has become increasingly popular and much easier. There are literally hundreds of resources relating to genealogy on the Internet. We will try to focus on the "how-to" of searching and the sites that would interest those looking to or from the Newly Independent States for their heritage.

If you are interested in talking with others who are researching their "roots" in Russia and other NIS countries, we have developed a listserver called for Russian/NIS genealogy called FPGEN. We thought this would be helpful (and interesting!) because of the large amount of inquiries received at F&P from those researching their families history. We have also just created (February 9, 1998) the F&P Genealogy Bulletin Board for sharing information for those researching their roots in Russia/NIS.

General Information on Genealogy

  • Ancestory.com *

    This service allows you to search online through over 90 million genealogical records. There is a cost for some services while searching many databases is free.

  • Journal of Online Genealogy *

    Utilizing online resources and techniques in searching for family history is the purpose of this free e-zine. This is a very useful tool!

  • RootsWeb Genealogical Data Cooperative *

    As the "Internet's oldest and largest genealogy resource" this international site provides many free (and some subscription) services. The home of the famous ROOTS-L and many other listserves, RootsWeb also has a searchable surname listing of over 360,000 and many other searchable listings plus lots of other valuable resources. Be sure to utilize this website if you are tracing your heritage!

  • Friends & Partners Bulletin Board: Genealogy *

    This group, part of the F&P Bulletin Board for discussion of various US/Russia/NIS issues, is provided for those researching their "roots" in Russia/NIS.

  • Genealogy - The Mining Company *

    This fantastic, very extensive site covers many areas of researching family heritage including tips, surname search, articles, software, reviews of sites, plus much more. Well worth the visit!

  • USGenWeb Project *

    Volunteer efforts provide Internet websites research in all counties and states in the U.S. with free access for everyone. This is a well-organized, invaluable site with information from multiple resources to aid in searches.

  • Family Chronicle *

    Although this is is a subscription magazine, their extensive website contains useful articles online from back issues and the opportunity for a free trial issue. One article well worth the time is Using Usenet by Jeff Chapman which explains the different genealogy related newsgroups including alt.genealogy and soc.genealogy.slavic (including Russia).

  • Sites Related to Russia and Other NIS Countries

  • Friends & Partners Bulletin Board: Genealogy *

    This group, part of the F&P Bulletin Board for discussion of various US/Russia/NIS issues, is provided for those researching their "roots" in Russia/NIS.

  • Russian/NIS Genealogy E-mail Listserver (FPGEN)

    This listserver is designed to disseminate information and facilitate discussion for those researching their "roots" in Russia and other NIS countries. It is provided in response to many inquiries we receive at F&P about families researching their historical roots. If this subject interests you, be sure to visit our Genealogy page in our Life section!

  • EurogenWeb and FSU Project *

    This site, run by volunteers, contains resources for searching and is divided into country (and in the case of Russia, regions). Be sure to check out the archives.

  • GenForum *

    This forum has several nice features including a search by name or country (including Russia and other fsu countries). There is also a chat room.

  • Russian Mennonite Genealogical Resources *

    The Manitoba Mennonite Historical Society has made quite a few resources available for those researching their roots.

  • Germans from Russia Heritage Collection *

    An diverse, extensive collection of resources from the North Dakota State University Libraries including general information, electronic discussion lists, magazine and newspaper articles, exhibits, presentations, cultural information, oral history, plus much, much more.

  • Germans from Russian Heritage Society - GRHS *

    This large, non-profit, non-denominational, non-political organization considers itself to be educational and social. With the purpose of bringing together people who are interested in discovering the unique history of Germanic-Russian ethnics, they work to preserve the many factors of their heritage. GRHS collects, lists, catalogues and publishes a wide array of materials that document the emigration to the US and Canada.

  • Odessa .... A German-Russian Genealogy *

    Interesting digital libray resources from Virginia Tech relating to German colonies that were settled in Russia after the reign of Catherine the Great in the early 1800's including old German-Russian folk medicine, German to English illness translations, chronological history.

  • Russian Mennonite Genealogy *

    Amelia Reimer-Davisson has put together this to help those looking for their genealogy. There is also a listing of names.

  • Last Name Searches

  • Yourfamily.com *

    This genealogy and family member search resource is a good tool for looking for family online. Just enter the last name and it will come up with a large listing of names with exact or similar spellings. Be sure to look a the whole page of results as they are not listed in exact alphabetical order. Also, there is a Long Lost Family and a Genealogy Bulletin Board.

  • Family Tree Maker ® Search *

    An enormous database of surname listings worldwide.

  • EEGS - East European Genealogical Society *

    This nonprofit society identifies and collects genealogical resources for east European genealogical research including countries of the former Soviet Union. Membership entitles you to issues of the "East European Genealogist" (an archive of titles of articles is maintained).

  • Genealogy Software

  • Family Atlas® *

    Map your family's past and present history with this software for Windows. (This site also contains helpful research information.)

  • Family Tree Maker ® *

    Several different packages for Windows and the Macintosh. Their WWW site also contains lots of great information for genealogy research.

  • Reunion *

    Developed for Macs, this software organizes information for creating your family tree.

  • Legacy *

    Organize your genealogical information with this program for Windows.

  • Genealogy Book

  • Genealogy book *

    Genealogy book on the Web

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