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Folklore and Fairy Tales

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Folklore and fairy tales are an important part of our histories and heritage. Below we have listed some resources about this from Russia and from the United States.


  • Russian Culture Pages *

    From the Association for International Education, these pages provide a good background on Russian culture. Included are subjects like dance, cuisine, art, architecture plus many more interesting subjects.

  • Russian Fairy Tales *

    From a very nice web site on Russian lacquer art. This is an illustrated collection of Russian Fairy Tales often depicted on the lacquer boxes. A must see!

  • Russian Folk Tales *

    Maintained by Masha Holl, this site provides the background on the 4 types folk tales, along with several resources.

  • St.Petersburg State Puppet Theatre of Fairy-Tale *

    The St. Petersburg State Puppet Theatre of Fairy-Tale site contains much information about the theatre, including: news, theatre history, descriptions of currently performed plays, and contact information. The site is in Russian only.

  • Sunbirds' Russian Fairy Talkes, Stories and Legends in Short *

    Numerous short and interestingtales are presented here.

  • American

  • American Folklife Center *

    Located in the Library of Congress in Washington, this center was developed in 1976 (the bicentennial) to "preserve and present American folklife." This site contains a large amount of information and resources.

  • American Folklore Society Homepage *

    This purpose of this society, founded in 1888, is to promote "interest and research in all aspects study of folklore and folklife" in addition to increasing "the respect given to diverse cultures and their traditions".

  • Bigfoot Legends & Folklore of the Americas *

    Seen as spiritual beings, minor gods, flesh and blood animals or a combination of these, the tales of large creatures have been a part of American's lives since childhood. The most famous is called "Sasquatch".

  • Official Punxsutawney Phil Page *

    On February 2nd, Americans find out if there will be an early Spring or a long Winter. All of this depends on whether Punxustawney Phil sees his shadow when he comes out of his home! You can actually view the event.

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