Lyubov' est' vysochajshaya zhizn' serdtsa. - A. Leo

Molchanie ne vsegda dokazyvaet prisutstvie uma, no ono dokazyvaet otsutstvie gluposti. - P. Buast

Skazki i fol'klor yavlyayutsya vazhnoj sostavnoj chast'yu istorii chelovechestva i ego naslediem. Nizhe privedeny ssylki na rossijskie i amerikanskie sajty, zatragivayuschie etu temu.


  • Russian Fairy Tales *

    From a very nice web site on Russian lacquer art. This is an illustrated collection of Russian Fairy Tales often depicted on the lacquer boxes. A must see!

  • Russian Culture Pages *

    From the Association for International Education, these pages provide a good background on Russian culture. Included are subjects like dance, cuisine, art, architecture plus many more interesting subjects.

  • Russian Folk Tales *

    Maintained by Masha Holl, this site provides the background on the 4 types folk tales, along with several resources.

  • St.Petersburg State Puppet Theatre of Fairy-Tale *

    The St. Petersburg State Puppet Theatre of Fairy-Tale site contains much information about the theatre, including: news, theatre history, descriptions of currently performed plays, and contact information. The site is in Russian only.

  • Sunbirds' Russian Fairy Talkes, Stories and Legends in Short *

    Numerous short and interestingtales are presented here.

  • Amerikanskie

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