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St. Petersburg

Founded in 1703 by Tsar Peter the Great and named after the apostle Peter, this city was often called Petrograd and, in fact, was officially called this from 1914 to 1924. Again renamed to Leningrad by Stalin after Lenin's death in 1924, it remained that until citizens voted by a wide margin in 1991 to once again name their city St. Petersburg.

As the capital of Russia from 1712 until the Bolsheviks moved it to Moscow in 1918 for strategic reasons, this city with a fascinating history and beautiful architecture, monuments and parks still remains the "cultural" center of the country.

Although the city has reverted to its orinal name, the region (oblast) is still called Leningrad. We also maintain a page that has a list of resources for the region in general and some of the small cities and towns surrounding the city.

If you know of additional sites on the World Wide Web to list here, please be sure to let us know.

  • Alexander Palace Time Machine *

    Take an extensive tour through the palace of the last Tsar of Russia, Nikolas II, and his family in the town of Tsarskoe Selo outside St. Petersburg. This well produced site also provides an indepth history including the Romanov family, biographies of those in the palace, photos of the family plus much more.

  • All About St. Petersburg for Tourists *

    Any type of information for visiting this city is available from this site including where to go and what to do including which festivals and holidays are observed, museums, plus much, much more!

  • All about St.Petersburg (Russia) on the Web *

    This well organized site includes business, education, entertainment and sports, real estate and anything else you would want to know about the city.

  • CNN - Weather - St. Petersburg, Russia *

    The 4 day weather forecast for St. Petersburg, Russia.

  • Cityvision 2000 - St. Petersburg at Your Fingertips *

    A very good virtual tour of St. Petersburg and lots of information for the visitor is provided on this "automated" site. Be sure to visit the photo galleries of Dmitry Illison and Ilya Narovlyansky!

  • Exploring St. Petersburg *

    The Russian National Tourist Office's has provided the site on this famous city.

  • Geography of St.Petersburg *

    This website contains maps and plans, sights, views of St. Petersburg, and also links to other sites devoted to the city. (Information is available in both Russian and English.)

  • Live Cam from St. Petersburg *

    Get a live view of the river Moika embankment. (Russian version)

  • Live Cam in St. Petersburg *

    View St. Petersburg with a refreshed picture every 90 seconds!

  • Live Stream Video from Nevsky prospect *

    Watch live video from this city street. (Russian version)

  • Lonely Planet Destination: St. Petersburg *

    History, a map, attractions, entertainment info and a slide show of the city plus much more information comprise this site.

  • Map of St. Petersburg *

    Horis, Ltd.'s map of St. Petersburg with a link to another map with the environs.

  • Moscow Bureau of Voyage - St. Petersburg *

    This site gives brief histories and photos of major sites in St. Petersburg.

  • Photos of St. Petersburg *

    Four pages of photos are presented by Visiting Russia.

  • Saint Petersburg City *

    This site contains lots of photos of the city and surrounding area.

  • St-Petersburg Welcome Page *

    Collection of St-Peterburg resources with photo gallery and museum tours is presented.

  • St. Petersburg *

    A short description and a few photos are provided by Inna Travel.

  • St. Petersburg - The city of the water, the city on the waters *

    Andrey Sebrant put together a wonderful personalized view of this city in 1996.

  • St. Petersburg Home Page *

    Wonderful views and detailed historical information plus a special section on churches (click on the photos) are presented by Peterlink. There is also a Russian version.

  • St. Petersburg Picture Gallery *

    Seasons of St. Petersburg, performances at the Mariinsky Theatre, cathedrals and other photos of this city are provided.

  • St. Petersburg Web *

    An extremely large variety of information and links on this server includes culture, travel, business, homepages of residents, photos and local news.

  • St. Petersburg Weekend *

    Andrey Sebrant's page (with lots of great photos) about his weekend in the city during June 1998.

  • St. Petersburg on-line *

    Travel, cultural, entertainment, photos, schools, maps, a message board, a listing of related books and much more is provided about this historical city.

  • St. Petersburg's history by Dmitry Sherikh *

    This site contains a collection of original articles written by Dmitry Sherikh, plus numerous links to sites regarding the history of St. Petersburg. (In Russian only.)

  • St. Petersburg: Weather *

    Get the four day forecast for St. Petersburg from Intellicatst.

  • Subway System of Saint-Petersburg *

    Find your away around the city with the Subway Navigator.

  • The City on Neva river: Sankt-Peterburg *

    Four pages of photos from Sergei Naumov of the famous website, Dazhdbog's Grandchildren.

  • The Fresh Guide to St. Petersburg *

    Culture, language, history, accomodations, health, finances, entertainment, shopping, transportation and more!

  • Views to Sankt Petersburg Russia *

    Timo Hamalainen had described, with text and lots of photos, his trips to St. Petersburg.

  • Wandering Camera *

    Lots and lots of great photos of the city and its suburbs with descriptions in Russian, English and German. ( This can be a little slow but it is definitely worth the wait!)

  • Welcome to St. Petersburg #2 *

    Lots of wonderful photos and links from Vladimir Rappoport.

  • Welcome to Virtual St. Petersburg *

    This site provides information on culture, education, plus more.

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