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Siberia Region

Bordered on the west by the Ural mountains and on the east by the Pacific Ocean, this region has long fascinated many people. It is not considered a political region but more of a geographic one and does not have its own governmental bodies. Harsh weather may be a part of the vast area but so are extraordinarily breathtaking landscapes. Lake Baikal is not only the world's deepest lake but also one of the most beautiful. Other places of interest in Siberia include the cities of Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Kemerovo, Barnaul, Tomsk and many others. Some of the resources listed here are also listed on our pages for the individual cities, towns, etc.

If you know of additional sites on the World Wide Web to list here, please be sure to let us know.

  • Siberia *

    This site describes Siberia and many Siberian cities and regions.

  • InterSib *

    Searchable subject catalog of Siberia Internet resources.

  • Subject catalog of Siberia Internet Resources *

    This searchable catalog covers Siberia regional Internet resources.

  • A Shooting Trip in Siberia *

    Larry Jandro recounts his 1989 visit to Siberia with text and lots of photos.

  • Akademgorodok - a town of Science in Siberia *

    This site has valuable information and many pictures including Siberian nature, the Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics (BINP) and other sites of this area.

  • Baikal - The Pearl of Siberia *

    The Russian National Tourist Office's has provided the site on this national park.

  • Crossroads of Continents *

    This exhibit, part of the Smithsonian's Natural Museum of History Arctic Studies Center, uses modern research methods to study Northeastern Siberia and Alaska in order to provide historical and ethnic diversity information about the North Pacific Rim.

  • DNA & the Peopling of Siberia *

    Interesting information and photos are being collected by US and Russian scientists who are attempting to map the prehistoric movements of Siberian and North American natives with DNA.

  • Discover your Siberia *

    Jack will assist you in your visit to the beautiful Lake Baikal and Irkutsk. Not only that, his website has intersting pictures and stories of previous tours of the area.

  • Evenki *

    Information about this society that live scattered over vast parts of Siberia and northern China.

  • Gallery All Siberia *

    Breathtaking photos and some information about this region.

  • Happy Web Land: Strezhevoy, Siberia, Russia *

    This site, developed primarily by teenagers, presents a variety of information about Strezhevoy in the Tomsk area of Siberia and includes weather, nature (taiga), ecological problems and many, many fantastic photos of this beautiful land. This is one of the best sites found that allows "getting to know" the citizens!

  • Home Page of Irkutsk *

    This large site provides history, information about the city and the surrounding area in Siberia today plus a large gallery of photographs. The WWW mirror site in the USA is here.

  • Impressions of Eastern Siberia: Pictures from Chita *

    Basic information and pictures of the Chita region.

  • Keena's Virtual Tour of Siberia in Summer *

    Keena allows you to visit this part of the world and see the beauty of Siberia in the summer through wonderful photos.

  • Khanty and Nenets in Western Siberia *

    Information about the life and the plight of the indigenous reindeer herders in Western Siberia.

  • Photos of Siberia *

    Galen Frysinger has provided a few photos of his 1991 trip to Siberia.

  • Russia Beyond Moscow - Siberia *

    Photos and information about routes through the Lena and Yenisey Rivers in Siberia is provided.

  • Siberia -- Encarta Concise Enclyclopedia Article *

    Information about this geographic region is provided.

  • Siberia: Culture - Economy - Business *

    Siberia, one of the largest and often most misunderstood regions of Russia. Information about this emerging "lost" region collected on the new server contains social, cultural, historical, geographical, business and economic facts.

  • Temples of Siberia - Biysk *

    A view of the Central Chapel of the Uspensky (Assumption Day) Cathedral in Biysk plus links to other temples in Siberia. (This jpeg picture is 95K)

  • The Far Eastern Republic *

    Turn back the clock to 1922 and visit Chita in the Far East Republic of Siberia with this National Geographic article and photos.

  • The Russian Far East *

    This site consists of maps and biodiversity information for this region.

  • The Tortured Land *

    This 1995 Time Magazine article describes past, present and future of the Siberian region.

  • Wildlife photography in Siberia and Central Asia. - Oleg Kosterin *

    Oleg Kosterin has provided over 400 incredible pictures of wildlife, vegetation, landscapes and insect life in Siberia. (The Russian site is the same but a slower connection.)

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