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City and Region of Ivanovo

In this 23.9 square mile region in Central European Russia is the city of Ivanovo. It is said that people first settled in this region as long ago as 8 - 6,000 years BC with the city's first settlement record in the 16th century. Below is a list of resources describing this area of Russia.

We hope this list will continue to grow as more communities become represented on the World Wide Web so please be sure to let us know if you are aware of any other sites.

  • Welcome to Ivanovo *

    Information about the city administration, the history of the town, Ivanovo cotton is included in this Russian-only site. Included is the daily city magazine Capital.

  • Germi - The Golden Ring *

    The Travel Agency Germi provides photos and brief descriptions of ancient towns and cities that comprise the "Golden Ring" - Vladimir, Suzdal, Ivanovo, Kostroma, Yaroslavl, Rostov Veliky, Pereslavl-Zalesky, Sergiev Posad and Moscow.

  • INDI - Ivanovo City Site *

    A variety of information is provided about the city of Ivanovo in Russian, English and Spanish.

  • Ivanovo Home Page *

    History, education, culture and science are just a few subjects covered in this large site.

  • Ivanovo Region *

    Demographics and statistical information about the Ivanovo region and city are presented.

  • Moscow Guide - Ples, Ivanovo, Palekh, Suzdal *

    Information and photos of these towns from the official tourist site of the Moscow government.

  • NUPI Centre for Russian Studies Database - Ivanovo *

    Facts, statistics and information about the government is provided about this region.

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