Сама по себе жизнь ничего не значит; цена ее зависит от ее употребления. - Ж.-Ж. Руссо
Russian Communities - Dagestan (Daghestan), Republic of

Желания необходимы, чтобы жизнь постоянно находилась в движении. - Самюэл Джонсон

Dagestan (Daghestan), Republic of

Below we have listed some resources on one of the republics of the fSU, Dagestan. This breathtaking area is located between Caspian sea on the East and mountain ranges on the West and borders Chechnya, Azerbaijan, and Georgia.

  • База данных Центра NUPI -Дагестан *

    факты, статистика и информация о правительстве республики.

  • Дагестан: дикие горные деревни, местные жители *

    Описывает путешествие Пола Нотта в республику Дагестан, расположеной между Кавказскими горами и Каспийским морем.

  • Dagestan (Daghestan) in USA *

    This website provides lots of concise, interesting information of this area plus many photos, and maps. Provided by CaspianNet, this non-profit project was developed by the Dagestani community in Fairfield, Connecticut, USA.

  • Mountain Jews *

    This site is about a group who call themselves Juurho, (also known as "Mountain Jews", or, sometimes "Tats") who live mostly in the Northern Caucasus, along the west cost of Caspian Sea in Dagestan, Georgia or Azerbaijan. A history of these people is provided, along with information about the region.

  • alt.culture.dagestan *

    This newsgroup discusses the art, history, politics, etc. of Dagestan.

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