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Language Tutorial Materials

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  • Agama: The Russian Language Software Company *

    Agama, International is an industry leader in the development of all types of Russian language software including dictionaries, learning and reference systems, search and retrieve systems.

  • Cyrillic Alphabet (audio and visual )

    Listen to and view the Cyrillic alphabet.

  • English From Uncle Al *

    Alexander Soloviev, of the Ryazan Branch of Moscow University of Culture, has put together a fun page of tongue twisters and other oddities for those learning to speak English.

  • Foreign Language Learning Resources *

    Offers educational foreign language magazine subscriptions for individuals,teachers and schools in seven different languages including Russian.

  • Foreign Languages for Travelers *

    Created by Michael Martin, this gives basic tutorials in several languages, including Russian.

  • Languages of the National Minorities of Russia *

    Learn more about Russia's multilingual country.

  • Lexicon Bridge Publishers *

    Multimedia and books for students of Russian language and culture. Free software samples available for downloading.

  • OK! Software, Inc. *

    Publisher and distributor of multimedia software including CD-ROMs for Russians who want to learn the English language and vice versa.

  • Pagoda Language Institute's Textbook of the Russian Language *

    This Russian language online textbook was developed for Korean students at this institute in Seoul, Republic of Korea. It is mostly in Russian with occasional comments in English and requires Cyrillic fonts.

  • RussNet *

    This website, provided by the American Council for the Teachers of Russian, has a series of resources for learning, teaching and working with the Russian language. Among these resources are language learning lessons that contain numerous exercises for the Russian language. Also included on this wonderful website are databases, in-service education, discussion lists, institutions that offer educational opportunities and much, much more.

  • Russian Dictionary With Sounds & Images *

    This clever site by Sarah Withee has pictures of common objects including animals and transportation, the Cyrillic text and a recording of the pronounciation the words.

  • Russian Farewells

    How to say farewell in Russian.

  • Russian Greetings

    Greetings in Russian.

  • Russian Language Course in Pictures

    Elements of a Russian schoolroom are described with pictures and with associated audio examples of pronunciation (provided by Natasha Bulashova). This is a good example of what could be done with a Russian language server (and with an English language server).

  • Please let us know of additional resources.

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