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These are some of the many organizations and individuals who maintain information and communications services on Friends and Partners. We are grateful for their support and glad to be able to help them with their work encouraging US-Russian/NIS friendship.

  • Access Russia & Central Europe, and Russian Life Magazine *

    The Russian Information Services Publications home page, features (1) "Access Russia & Central Europe", an on-line catalog of over 300 publications and products related to travel and doing business in Russia, the FSU and Central Europe, (2) "Russian Life" magazine, information about and excerpts from the leading magazine of Russian culture, history, business and travel and, (3) "Russia Review" magazine, distributed in the US by RIS and a definitive source of business in Russia today.

  • Alliance of Universities for Democracy (AUDEM) *

    This is a consortium of institutions of higher learning formed to enhance the role of education in promoting democratic institutions, economic development including technology transfer, decentralized decision making, human health, sustainable habitation of the earth, and common moral and social values.

  • Anton M. Borissov *

    Anton is from Astrakhan, Russia and has developed a page for "Friends and Partners" (in Russian only). Physically handicapped, he offers his inspiring story and extends counseling to others.

  • EcoNews Journal *

    This online journal Focuses on the ecological problems on north-western Russia and the Baltics and is published by the Independent Ecological Information Center, St. Petersburg, Russia - Focuses on the ecological problems on north-western Russia and the Baltics. (Russian only - KOI8).

  • Global One/Friends and Partners *

    Friends and Partners is very pleased to have begun working with Global One telecommunications firm on the Global One/Friends and Partners Alliance. "Global One is proud to have been selected as the international telecommunications partner for Friends and Partners and is committed to supporting the civic developmental goals of this organization and helping to promote cooperation, exchange of information, and better understanding between the people of the United States and those from the former Soviet Union." We are looking forward to our continued work with Global One on the Russian Civic Networking Program and other initiatives within Russia and around the world.

  • Kyrgyzstan at Friends and Partners *

    Information and resources about this country, formerly a part of the Soviet Union, are presented.

  • Vernitskii Literature

    Alexey, a postgraduate at the University of Essex whose hometown is Ekaterinburg, has published a vast poetry page. A known poet in Ekaterinburg and in the "Vavilon" union in Moscow, he has also provided a large number works of other contemporary Russian poets including Dmitrii Sokolov, Stanislav L'vovskii and Maksim Ankundinov. Some of these works have been translated into English.

  • American International Health Alliance - AIHA *

    Includes information on health care partnerships and the American International Health Alliance (AIHA) which is "a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to the belief that institutional health care providers in the United States can make important practical contributions to their colleagues' efforts to reform health care delivery elsewhere in the world."

  • Andrey and Masha Sebrant's Moscow Life

    Andrey and Masha maintain the "Moscow Life" section which provides a monthly series on life with their family and community. If any one section can be considered the real heart of Friends and Partners, this is it!

  • Center for Civil Society International *

    This nonprofit organization fosters the development of civil society by encouraging relationships between nonprofits in the West and nonprofit/grassroots organizations in the emerging societies of the countries of the former Soviet Union and Central and Eastern Europe.

  • F&P Space *

    Jennifer Green, of McDonnell Douglas Aerospace and Dmitry Pieson of the Moscow Aviation Institution jointly maintain this very nice server -- describing the space programs of Russia and the United States and their cooperative work together. Especially interesting is the extensive Russia/FSU Space-related On-line Resources.

  • Beyond the Pale: The History of Jews in Russia *

    This site is an online version of an original exhibit that has toured Russia since 1995. The purpose of this exhibit about the history of Jews in Europe and in Russia has been put together to help understand their life, religion and culture, the adversities they faced and to present the dangers of intolerance.

  • Encyclopedia Astronautica *

    Huge site with informaton on US, Russia, and other space programs.

  • FPLegal *

    Russian legal developed and maintained by Ilya Nikiforov and Mark Sanor.

  • CAAA - Dave Stickney *

    Dave's personal information.

  • Newsphere / Glasnews *

    International Media Interests headed by Glasnews and developed by Alan Boyle.

  • Nizhnii Novgorod Internet Reference Guide *

    Deirdre Shelly maintains a page concerning Nizhny Novgorod.

  • Penza - Some Pages of Russian History. *

    Pictures and lots of information - especially the history - about the Penza region.

  • Project Harmony, Inc. *

    A not-for-profit cultural and educational exchange organization which develops and supports a wide variety of elementary, secondary, university level and professional exchange programs between the USA, Central Europe, the Baltics and NIS. Their Internet School Linkage Program, which matches US high schools with schools in the NIS, is described along with their other programs and accomplishments.

  • Russkaya Literatura v Internete / Gazety i Zhurnaly *

    Russian literature online and the Gazety i Zhurnaly developed in Russian only by Alex Farber.

  • Siberia: Culture - Economy - Business *

    Features economic development and business in Siberia. Includes facts, experts' evaluations of Siberian markets and opinions of foreign businessmen who do business in this region.

  • EQUINOX: Boris Grebenshikov and Aquarium

    A comprehensive (and well designed) server about this famous Russian performer and his band (originally developed by Yury Avrutin). Many audio selections and accompanying lyrics along with archives and photos are available.

  • English-Russian, Russian-English Dictionary and Thesaurus of Computer Terms *

    Available thanks to the efforts of Yury Avrutin and the permission of Eugene and Paul Druker.

  • EurAsian Orientalist Server - EAOS *

    This server was designed as a cooperative Internet resource for electronic publications, international activities, and the oriental historical sources kept in the archives, libraries, museums, etc. of a variety of instututions including the Institute of Oriental Studies of the RAS, the Oriental University, the Orientalist Information Center, the Institute of Oriental, Mongolian and Tibetan Studies of Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences, and the Moscow State University Institute of Asian and African States.

  • Irkutsk: First East Siberian Web Server *

    "This server contains various information about Irkutsk city, East Siberian region, Lake Baikal - science, technology, business opportunities, and tourism."

  • Russification of Macintosh *

    Matvey Palchuk has put together a very interesting site dedicated to Russification of Macintosh. The main purpose of this site is to enable MacOS ™ users with Internet connectivity to work with Russian text in KOI8 format. Shareware "Student" Keyboard Layouts for both KO18 and Apple Standard Cyrillic Fonts is available.

  • The Bosnia Network *

    The Global Network for Rebuilding is a nonprofit, interfaith network comprised of concerned professionals formed to help plan the rebuilding of devastated communities through the application of urban design techniques.

  • The Slavyanka Men's Slavic Chorus *

    Deane Merrill and Donn Davy have provided us with information on The Slavyanka Men's Slavic Chorus which regularly presents a cappella concerts in the San Francisco Bay Area. The repertoire is liturgical and folk music, mostly Russian. In addition to their history, concert schedule, and other information, you can listen to a few of their selections from their CD Russia Old and New and join their mailing list.

  • Yury Avrutin *

    Yury made the "Russian Dictionary of Computer Terms" in our Language section and the artwork of Oleg Slepov in our Art Exhibitions section available to everybody.

  • A Belarus Miscellaney *

    Peter Kasaty's WWW resource on Belarus is ". . intended to collect as much accurate information as possible about theRepublic of Belarus and the Belarusian people--both inside and outside of the Republic of Belarus." There is also a BELARUS listserver for those interested in communicating with others interested in the country of the former Soviet Union.

  • China Home Page *

    The mirror site of IHEP's China Home Page.

  • Russia and West Virginia Foundation *

    A non-profit volunteer organization formed to promote business, education and cultural exchanges between Russia and the United States.

  • The AZERBAIJAN Pages *

    This resource, originally developed by David Couchman and now maintained by "Friends and Partners" contains information related the Republic of Azerbaijan in the former Soviet Union. It is a great resource for those who do business in, travel to, or do research related to the Republic of Azerbaijan.

  • Translit Form *

    Cyrillic fonts transformed into Latin transliteration.

  • Travels to Russia - Russia - Health Care System *

    Nate Lipsen shares thoughts and experiences of he and his wife about Russian health care from their several trips to Russia.

  • Charles Winslow's U.S. History Server *

    This goal of this site is to provide a thorough source of information about the history of the United States of America for students around the world. Maintained by Charles Winslow, this is still under construction.

  • David Zlotchenko *

  • Global (electronic) University (GU) ® Consortium

    A divisional activity of GLObal Systems Analysis and Simulation Association in the U.S.A. (GLOSAS/USA), seeks to improve the quality and availability of international educational exchange through the use of telecommunication and information technologies.

  • The Georgia Connection *

    John and Nancy Stewart's account of their time spent in Georgia and some history of this Newly Independent State.

  • Alberto Rodriguez *

    Currently working on the development of Friends and Partners Mexico.

  • English for Little Ones *

    "English for Little Ones", is an experiment in using new technology to present traditional educational materials.

  • Impressions of Russia and the Former Soviet Union *

    A fantastic site to visit if you have any interest whatsoever in Russia. This site is divided by region, and each region provides extensive historical, pictorial and geographical information with detailed descriptions of several major cities. The photography is wonderful and although it can take awhile to connect to some of the servers in Russia, it is well worth waiting for.

  • Post-Soviet Study Resources v1.1 *

    Compiled, edited, and with commentary by Ian Kallen of San Francisco State University. This is a hypertext version of his very popular work which is, by far, the best job we have seen to date on describing information resources on the Internet devoted to issues regarding the Former Soviet Union. A full text version (v1.0) of this document is also available.

  • Russian Public Information Center in Latvia *

    RPIC is a wide project dedicated to the Russian life in Latvia and to relationships between parts of the Russian Diaspora in different countries. We plan to establish Russian public and cultural organizations, "electronic" exhibitions and libraries, and so on.

  • Dagestan, Wild Mountain Villages, Traditional People *

    Describes a 1992 trip by Paul Knott and others to this republic sandwiched between the Caucasus Mountains and the Caspian Sea.

  • EconomicsInternational *

    The purpose of this organization is to assist the NIS in understanding and learning the fundamentals of market economies. This is accomplished by training classroom teachers, developing and translating instructional materials and exchange programs. As the largest trainer of teachers in the United States, the council is a unique non-profit collaboration of education, business and labor. Their EconomicsAmerica program has also provided training and materials to millions of K-12 students.

  • How to "Russify" Your Computer *

    This abbreviated guide for russifying your computer, written by Charles Dorsett, is for for Windows95, Netscape 3.0 and Eudora.

  • Palms & Company, Inc., Investment Bankers *

    This site offers the economic and trade consulting services of Dr. Petrus Johannes van de Waal Palms and the The Palms Portal. In addition, there is an extremely large amount of articles and information on education, employment, political matters, economics and more in Russia and the NIS.

  • Rural Development Institute *

    Founded by rofessor Roy L. Prosterman and his associates at the University of Washington School of Law, this nonprofit organization of attorneys is advocating land rights for farmers in developing countries so as to alleviate world poverty and political instability.

  • The Bryansk Time Weekly *

    This is the mirror site of an independent newspaper of the Russian Southwest. (The orginal site is at

  • Yuzhn'i i Zapad'i America - A Tour of Southern and Western America *

    Pictures and an accounting through parts of the U.S from the "Russian point of view".

  • InfoScope Tver *

    This site presents information about the city of Tver and the surrounding region which is located along the Volga between St. Petersburg and Moscow.

  • Russian Story Press Rover *

    This fantastic service by Russian Story provides access to a large collection of Russian newspapers. Preview materials are available for free but other documents may be purchased and subscriptions made.

  • Students for the Exploration and Development of Space - SEDS *

    Will be providing more information soon concerning exploration efforts in Russia. This is the Russian chapter of Students for the Exploration and Development of Space.

  • The St. Petersburg Times *

    This award winning site for this newspaper provides a variety of information about what's going on in the city including top stories, business, politics, opinions, entertainment news, classifieds, and more. Be sure to visit their archives and their sister newspaper, The Moscow Times.

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